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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

kalalochclammingSome of my favorite childhood memories involve going clamming. What joy there is in crossing the beach in hot pursuit of the wily razor clam and what pleasure there is concluding the hunt with a clambake. Clams are quite fun to catch and even more fun to eat.

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has given the go-ahead for some razor clam digging in November. Their season update approves digging at Twin Harbors November 14 – 17; Long Beach, Copalis and Mocrocks for November 14 – 15; and Kalaloch Beach for Monday, November 16 only. Additional dates have been tentatively scheduled through January. It is important to always verify the approved dates for clamming before you go out.

If you do decide to go clamming–and really, you should, it really is quite fun–you might want to take advantage of the special deal being offered by the Kalaloch Lodge in the Olympic National Park. Their Clam Digger Lodging Package offers clam diggers at all levels from first-timers to old hands a night of lodging in their beautiful facility conveniently located near to the beach plus breakfast in the morning. It’s available Monday, November 16, and is tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 4, Saturday, December 5, Thursday, December 31 and Friday, January 1, subject to approval from the Washington and National Park Services. Newbie clammers can book a room using the code CLAMDIGNEW for a package that starts at $169 and includes a night at the lodge, a bucket, shovel and net and breakfast for two the next morning. Clam diggers who already have their own tools can use the code CLAMDIGPRO for a package that starts at $129 and includes the room and breakfast. Guests can stay additional nights for just $99 a night, an excellent deal. Besides clamming there are all kinds of things to do and see in the Olympic NP which contains beaches, rain forest valleys, mountain peaks and far, far more different types of plants and animals than you can name. It’s one of the most beautiful places in our state, and, honestly, maybe in the whole world.

To learn more about the Kalaloch Lodge or to book your clamming experience, visit their website. (Even if you’ve decided that clamming is just not for you, it’s an excellent vacation spot and the lodge offers a bunch of great package deals aimed at a variety of interests.) To learn more about the Olympic National Park, visit theirs.

All the information you need to know about clamming in Washington (including how to clean and cook the tasty things) can be found in the Razor Clam section of their website.

Some basics: a license is required for any digger 15 years or older. Any 2009 annual shellfish/seaweed license or combination fishing license is still valid or you can get a razor-clam only license available in annual or three-day only versions. Buy a license online, by phone at 866.246.9453 or in person at any of the more than 600 authorized license vendors. ALWAYS check the weather and surf conditions before heading down to the beach so that you know what you’re facing and, seriously, don’t be stupid about the ocean. It may be a beautiful source of bounty but “killer waves” is a literal expression sometimes.

King5 Takes On The Noodle

Jesse Jones of King5 News tests Campbell Soup’s claim that there are 32′ of noodles in every can. He lays out a can’s worth of noodles on a football field.

Slow news day? If you want to kill some time at work, watch it here. Way to embarrass us on Consumerist Jesse.

Mobile Chowdown on 10/10

Seattle has turned into quite the street food center over the past few years. Granted, our street food is a little different when you have such a mix like grass fed burgers with bacon jam, spam, gourmet ice cream, and BBQ.

On October 10th, you’ll get a chance to try a wide variety of street food all in one place. Mobile Chowdown brings a bunch of Seattle’s street food vendors all to one location. The event is free (other than the food that you buy), so come bring a chair and hang out with your fellow street food aficionados.

In the lead up to Mobile Chowdown, there’s even a trivia contest on Twitter. Follow @mobilechowdown and answer their trivia questions each day for a chance to win dinner at Tilth and a night at the Sorrento Hotel (plus a subscription to Seattle Magazine). Make sure when you respond to the trivia though, that you include the hashtag #mcd in your tweet.

When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 10
Where: 1616 W. Bertona (Interbay)

Ballard’s The Counter Burger is now open

On Monday, the much anticipated Counter Burger located in the new Ballard Blocks opened.

Counter Burger has been “previewed” several times already on several different blogs. So far, the buzz seems to be favorable.

We checked it out during one of their preview parties, and the food was excellent. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has been there in the past two days.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter as well. They often tweet specials or coupons.

Celebrate back to school shopping with a free burrito at Southcenter

Chipotle Fajita BurritoOkay, it’s a bit late in the evening but if you’ve got back to school shopping to do and you’re not too far away from Southcenter, head to the Southcenter Office Depot (300 Andover Parkway) and buy at least $20 worth of supplies to get a free burrito at the Southcenter Chipotle (17520 Southcenter Parkway). You can only get your free burrito at the Southcenter location and you have to do it by 9 pm tonight.

Can’t make it tonight? You have two more chances to score a free burrito as Chipotle is making the same deal for Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9. Bring in a receipt for $20 or more at the Southcenter Office Depot and get a free burrito at the Southcenter Chipotle between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Brunch in Belltown: Del Rey

Belltown, your brunchtime options are expanding: this weekend Del Rey started serving brunch. I don’t know how it will compare to Rite Aid during the afternoon as a pick-up spot, but I do know that the Kahlua french toast was really, really good. The batter was not too sweet, the portion not too huge, and the jam on the side possibly lifesaving jam.

My companions all went for more savory dishes (I can’t tell you what they were because the menu isn’t up yet, although there was definitely a giant breakfast burrito and some ham cups), and there was a significant amount of passing plates around and enthusiastic mumbling. The chorizo is excellent, and stuck on a skewer with an olive to garnish the Bloody Mary. If you really need to wake up, the Angry Maria is a Bloody Mary using habanero-infused tequila. Personally, I will stick to mimosas.

Brunch is the most important meal (or two) of the week, so another option in Belltown is definitely a thing to be happy about. As a bonus, you can follow Del Rey on Twitter, and sometimes they will give you things. Del Rey is also the only place in town I know of so far with a mayor special if you use foursquare–happy hour prices all day for the mayor and one guest. Everyone else gets $2 off their first well drink Sunday – Thursday.

Forever Sushi – Mashiko Goes Sustainable

Hajime Sato, chef-owner of Mashiko Japanese Restaurant

Hajime Sato, chef-owner of Mashiko Japanese Restaurant

Hajime Sato, chef and owner of West Seattle’s Mashiko Japanese Restaurant made the switch to serving only seafood that is sustainable on August 15th. A few (darn few!) sushi joints have opened their doors as sustainable, but Mashiko will be the first established, successful sushi bar (*) in the world to make the switch, and Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi restaurant.

“I have always had so much respect for the oceans. Learning about some of the common fishing methods left me no other option – Mashiko had to go sustainable.” Chef Sato continues, “The process has been so inspirational. Instead of just cutting things from the menu, there are now more unique options than before.”

With information available from so many sources, Chef Sato’s sustainability education will be ongoing. He has put his head together with the Seafood Watch department at Monterey Bay Aquarium and is in close contact with the experts at Select Fish, the seafood division of Whole Foods Markets. He is also consulting with noted fisheries analyst Casson Trenor, author and “sustainability guru” for San Francisco’s groundbreaking Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar.

“The sushi industry draws from some of the most depleted fish stocks on the planet,” Trenor said recently. “The five most popular sushi items in the United States – long-line tuna, farmed salmon, imported shrimp, farmed freshwater eel (unagi), and farmed Japanese amberjack (hamachi) – are all generally unsustainable.”

Vowing that this is no green-washed marketing ploy, Chef Sato will make Mashiko fully responsible. He says, “Sushi lovers will be surprised how delicious sustainable choices can be.”

Sushi done conscientiously can include B.C. spot prawns, domestic albacore tuna from the North Pacific, hand-lined yellowfin tuna, farmed California striped bass, suspension-farmed Hokkaido scallops, farmed almaco jack (kampachi) from Hawaii, farmed Washington State Coho salmon, and much more.

Mashiko, well reviewed and thriving since 1994, is known not only for its classical sushi but also for Chef Sato’s innovative departures. The menu is one of the most interesting and unusual in Seattle.


Mashiko Japanese Restaurant
4725 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116-4412
(206) 935-4339

M-Th: 5:33pm-9:30pm
Fri: 5:33pm-11:00pm
Sat: 5:03pm-11:00pm
Sun: 5:03pm-9:30pm

* See comment:

Let Your Inner Child Out at Camp Woodmark, a “Summer Camp” for Adults

I have to admit to being somebody who rarely considers the Eastside of our Metro Area when it comes to planning social engagements and local excursions.  Like many, I tend to think of it more as a hub for commerce and fine dining than I do as someplace I’d want to spend my weekend.  As I recently discovered, the best part of such misconceptions is how easily they’re replaced once the reality of a situation becomes clear.

Last week I was given the opportunity to take part in the “Camp Woodmark” experience at The Woodmark Hotel, Yacht Club & Spa in  Kirkland, which just so happens to be the only hotel located on the shores of Lake Washington.  Camp Woodmark was designed with adults in mind, meaning they offer a grown-up kind of fun without any of the awkward moments or pre-teen angst from the summer camps of our youth.

Upon my arrival at The Woodmark I was cordially greeted by Brandon, one of the “camp counselors” entrusted with making each campers stay as relaxing and hassle-free as possible, who presented me with a welcome package that included several Woodmark t-shirts and reusable aluminum water bottles.  Not long after that I was on the balcony of my amazing fourth floor lakeside room, enjoying a cool breeze and feeling that there may just be some merit to escaping into your own city after all.


Good Food, Good Film: Gold Class Cinema’s Julie & Julia Experience

Still haven’t made it out to theaters to catch this year’s blogging success-turned-book-now-a-movie, Julie & Julia?  We just got word from Gold Class Cinemas in Redmond, and it sounds like good things are in store for those who waited.  In a limited-run event, GCC will be recreating some of Julia Child’s most famous recipes to serve you in one of their ultra-comfy recliners, all while watching the film.  If that wasn’t enough of an experience for Child fans everywhere, moviegoers will also be able to enjoy live cooking demonstrations on select evening throughout the month of August:

For this special event, some of Child’s distinctive dishes are brought to life and featured on the Gold Class Cinemas menu, including Red Wine Marinated Beef Satay, Classic Quiche Lorraine and Lange De Chat. Prices range from $8 to $14 per dish. Patrons can also order any of the other delectable choices from the regular menu as well.

Gold Class Cinemas has also gone one step further in creating the ultimate cinematic experience by offering live cooking demonstrations by Gold Class Cinemas’ executive Chefs on August 13th, 19th, 20th, 23rd and 26th. A Gold Class Cinemas Chef will prepare Child’s signature dishes and serve them straight to your seat, providing for a hassle-free, delicious event.

For each item purchased, Gold Class Cinemas will donate to Food Lifeline, a local organization which is working to end hunger in local communities. Food Lifeline distributes nearly 22 million pounds of food to 600,000 hungry individuals each year.

Event Details:
Julie & Julia Dinner & Movie Cooking Demo:
Cooking Demo begins promptly at 6PM (Film begins at 6:45PM)
For movie times, ticket and theater information, go to

Delancey Pizza to land soon in Ballard


Ballardites will get a new pizza option soon, in the form of Delancey Seattle which will be opening mid-August at 14th & 70th. Drawing inspiration from joints such as Pizzeria Bianco, Di Fara, and Pizzeria Mozza, they hope to offer “Brooklyn-inspired wood-fired pizzeria using local ingredients.”

Can’t wait? You can follow their progress online

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