RJD2: A Recap

RJD2 surprised me in many ways. Let me count them for you:

1. He started on time. At Neumos, this is almost unheard of (at least when I go). But I was thrilled that Neumos said 10:45 and when I walked in expecting to still hear Busdriver, I got RJ up there on stage already starting song number 1.
2. He doesn’t need to have the kind of fun that Flaming Lips or Girl Talk explodes with. Case in point is when he wore a miner’s costume on and off, and when he played with a Super Mario puppet throughout a song. Simple, yet it made people interested.
3. I totally forgot that he did the Mad Men intro song. Surprises like that one made me smile as much as all the songs he played from The Third Hand. Plus, he didn’t disappoint in mixing it up with his old, not so old and new tunes.
4. I loved that there was an actual band. I actually danced way more to the band then to when he was playing by himself. The drums in particular were right on, especially when an audience member gave the drummer a big mouse (?) head to wear. When a band is willing to participate with the crowd, it’s bound to be a fun show.
5. Busdriver showed up at the end of the show. And boy, can he rap. I have no idea what he said but he sang it with conviction and heart and then he left the stage as soon as he came on.

So there you have it. For those who got to see this final leg of RJD2’s tour, I hope you were as happy with it as I was. For everyone else, you lose ☺

*Picture courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

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