Dinner Club: Table 219

In February, we ventured to Capitol Hill to a place I thought was going to suck. The Yelp reviews were mediocre and passing by it several times, Table 219 just didn’t seem like much. But, I have two words that will forever change my attitude toward this restaurant.

Ding Dong

That’s right, I’m not going to tell you about the really good corn dogs we had, or the zucchini fries that were better than any fries I’ve had in awhile. I won’t even mention the two mac ‘n’ cheeses we tasted, mostly because they weren’t anything amazing. And I’m not about to say a peep about the juicy maple-y pork or the fatty spare ribs.

Because I’m only going to write this here blog about the best thing I’ve ever had in all of our Dinner Club experiences.

This Ding Dong is not the kind of treat you get from your grandma’s or from your fat friend or on a road trip when you’re sick of eating Jerky. You won’t find this Ding Dong at the grocery store either. Because this kind of Ding Dong is special – so special in fact that the menu calls it the 219 Ding Dong.

And as I look at the menu right now, I don’t think I knew what the actual ingredients were. Apparently, it’s described as having “white chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, coconut tuile” but all I heard was “yom, yom, yom” when the waiter told us about it.

The outer chocolate layer had this rich, yet smooth chocolately texture to it. Almost like a fudge consistency. And then I bit into some kind of heavenly piece of goo that must’ve been what the white chocolate mousse and coconut tuile. But to me it tasted like someone melted a sweet marshmallow and had it ooze out the second my mouth had contact.

Needless to say, if you’re going to go to Table 219 (which you should) please expect a pretty decent dinner and appetizer selection. But keep your belly ready for the mother of all desserts. One that you can’t find anywhere – even in a stoned teenager’s backpack.

Table 219
219 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 328-4604
They gladly take reservations!

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