Dinner Club: Moshi Moshi

Being 30-something, I’ve traded in drinking all night with my friends to having a dinner club that lets out by 9pm so I can get my 6 hours of z’s. Our biggish group comes in all shapes and sizes, and most recently added a baby to the clan. The rules are you pick a place you’ve never been to, but always wanted to try. This time we went to Moshi Moshi, in January – sorry for the tardiness.

The atmosphere is delightful and welcoming. Beautiful cherry blossom lights dazzle in the center of the space and everyone has room to breath, even when there’s a crowd of 8 pushed together. The only eyesore seemed to be along the wall, on the way down the stairs, where black plastic garbage bags seem to be covering wall damage or a bad paint job. And while the bathroom isn’t as awesome as the butt warming one at Mashiko, it was spotless. I know it’s weird to remark on a restaurants’ bathroom, but it’s one of those things I use at least once while restauranting and if it’s dirty or smells bad, it immediately gets downgraded in my book.

As far as sushi goes, this was the freshest I can remember having in quite some time. Some favorites included the very soft crab, the Spanish mackerel – which is my tall-tell sign of a good sushi joint – and the very sweet Inari. Other crowd pleasers were the succulent Kalbi short ribs, and apparently the eggplant got rave reviews from the vegetarian of the group.

The bits I wasn’t thrilled with didn’t actually come from the sushi menu. The chicken satay seemed way too salty, and the seaweed salad, which I usually love, tasted a little too slimy.

And now, for what you’ve been waiting for: dessert! Since we can never decide, as a group, on just one sugary item we always end up getting everything. That meant we had the chocolate cake*, a crème brulee and the typical green tea sorbet. My favorite was the chocolate cake, and if it means anything I am not a chocolate cake person. Especially when it’s chocolate on chocolate. But I am a sucker for things oozing, and boy oh boy, did this ooze. Now before you go all teenage boy on me, just remember that I hold dessert close to my heart. So giggle all you want about the ooze, but it was delicious. And if you only could order one thing off the menu, this would be my favorite recommendation.

*My apologies, but I forgot the actual name of this dessert and it’s not on the menu on their website. I’m pretty sure it’s the only chocolate cake though, so go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Moshi Moshi
5324 Ballard Avenue
Seattle, WA 98107

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