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the man accused of yesterday’s quadruple murder.

flickr find : celebration of life & death

photo by gypsy fae photography [flickr] via our group pool [#].

Marination: Best Food Truck in the USA

“Good Morning America Weekend” decided to look for the best food cart in the country and with the help of its viewers found it right here in Seattle.

Marination Mobile serves a creative Korean-Hawaiian hybrid menu featuring such items as kalbi tacos, kimchi fried rice, kalua pork sliders, SPAM sliders, and spicy pork tacos.

Marination’s Twitter feed will let you know where they’re at on a given day but generally speaking it’s SODO on Monday, Belltown on Tuesday, Fremont on Wednesday, Beacon Hill on Thursday, Safeco Field on Friday, and West Seattle on Saturday.

One of my co-workers has been telling me about this truck for what seems like forever. I’m kind of wishing I’d thought to get around to having their food before this recognition which is surely going to bring some longer lines, but, hey, what’s a line when there’s good food at the end of it?

Little Big Band: Tribute to the Spirit – a review

Because I’ve never been to a Native American performance, my mind got the best of me. I was thinking big drums, totem poles, wild dancing, maybe even a bonfire. But since this was in Meany Hall, I dropped my expectations a bit and let go of the idea that a bonfire would take center stage.

So I was quite please with the first hour of the performance. It felt like a combo of Night at the Apollo meets A Prairie Home Companion meets Native American culture. Gene Tabagan was the host of the evening and told humorous short stories through music. Reminding us “to breath” I assumed this entertaining yogi who sang tales of his family was going to pave the way for the rest of the show. His sidekick, the violinist, Swil Kanim, was remarkable and you felt his energy through every flick of the string.

From funny to serious, we all paid our respect to our veterans, past, present and tomorrow. One vet came to the stage and was given the most beautiful blanket that seemed to represent an appropriate blend of Native American roots with the American flag of today. Not only was the gift breathtaking, but I’m pretty sure I heard a few soft tears in the house.

Then we were treated to a band by the name of Silver Jackson. Straight out of Alaska, this young group could easily open for Vince Mira. With songs about craziness, cops and love, this toe-tapping intermission was music to my ears – so to speak.

But the last hour turned out to be quite different than the first. Not that this was good or bad – it was just different. The Little Big Band was a melting pot of ethnicities/cultures/musicians, slapping us in the face with their points of view. Their performance was personally not my cup of tea, but as I looked around I saw a lot of receding hairlines and wrinkles that seemed quite pleased. 

During one song, Gene dressed up in Native American garb and danced around the stage as a bird while the singer jazzed her way through a song about domestic violence. I didn’t much care for the song, but the dance was a much appreciated reminder of the first half of the show.

Personally, I think this soul/funk/cuban/middle-aged folk band would’ve fit perfectly smack dab in the middle of Folk Fest, but in the middle of Meany Hall I was confused. What finally made me leave was when the band played a song that basically screamed at us to STAND UP. After the chorus told us to do so about 50 times, without a hint of anyone actually following their orders, my friend and I took that as our queue to stand up and walk out.

What we had come for – the wild dancing, drums and maybe even a bonfire, we pleasantly got in the beginning and then quickly lost by a very big band with lots of opinions. Again, maybe my expectations got the better of me, but overall I’d give this show a passive B-.

If you’re looking to experience more of the Native American vibes, you can still catch The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition: Indigenous Voices Reply at the Burke Museum. On display are historic objects and photographs from the 1909 fair with contemporary artwork by 16 Native artists. This special exhibit ends November 29th.

Weekend Film Agenda November 20

SIFF Cinema concludes their New Italian Cinema series with a quartet of films. Friday night see Pa-ra-da, the based-on-a-real story tale of a French street clown who heads to Bucharest to provide some comic relief to local orphanages and ends up teaching his trade to street kids, and Fortàpasc, a thriller that tells of the final months in the life of an idealistic journalist assassinated by the mob for discovering far more than they want anyone to know about them. Saturday features another based on real life story – The Sicilian Girl in which a young woman dares to openly cross the mob to vindicate the deaths of her father and brother. The series concludes Saturday night with Ex, a comedy that follows five different couples and their complicated love affairs.

Sunday at SIFF is A Single Man, based on a Christopher Isherwood novel about a closeted gay college professor in the 1960s whose grief from the loss of his love and frustration at having to stay “invisible” leads him to consider suicide until his best girlfriend and a charming young man make him think twice.

Cory McAbee is the writer, director and lead actor of The American Astronaut and he’s followed that well received film with another for which he’s the writer, director and lead actor. Stingray Sam makes its Seattle debut at NW Film Forum with McAbee in person for the Friday night screenings of his six episode musical western mini-series that takes place in outer space.

Also screening Friday night at NWFF and playing through the week: Ingmar Bergman’s The Passion of Anna, the tale of two men and two women struggling with their own troubled selves and their complicated relationships with each other on the small Swedish island of Fårö.

Saturday night at NWFF: Silence is Golden. NWFF has a quarterly film challenge for local filmmakers; this fall’s was to come up with a five-minute short devoid of dialogue. Participants are allowed to use music to drive a story, but not one single spoken word. Sunday night at NWFF: Money Driven Medicine: “a behind-the-scenes look at how our 2.6 trillion dollar a year healthcare system went so terribly wrong and what it will take to fix it.”

Love 80s movies? Head to Central Cinema Friday night for the 80s movies anthem singalong with the themes from such “classic” flicks as “The Goonies” and “Ghostbuster”, featuring songs by Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, The Ramones, Kenny Loggins, Peter Gabriel, the Go-Gos, Huey Lewis & the News, and many more. Starting Saturday, Central Cinema screens Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game through November 25. Coincidentally, I just happened to rent this movie myself so I can attest to the merits of this 1939 satire of upper-class French society just before the start of WWII. Condemned by the Parisian crowd who saw its original debut–probably because it hit just a little too close to home–and later banned by the French government, this film has since rightly become known as one of the best films made.

The Grand Illusion hosts the Burning Fuse Film Festival. Six provocative documentaries examine topics including environment deregulation under President Bush, a stripper’s conversion to evangelical Christianity, conscientious objector soldiers, surfers in war-torn Liberia, vooting booth conspiracies tied to the 2004 national elections, and the story of Fauborg Treme, the section of New Orleans that is probably the oldest black neighborhood in America and is the birthplace of the civil rights movement as well as the home of jazz.

Somewhat–no, very much less serious is Grand Illusion’s late night weekend feature Gums, a 1976 Jaws parody featuring a fellatio-mad mermaid intent on terrorizing the seaside.

Besides turning out a very long list of chart-topping albums and singles and inspiring musicians for generations even now still to come, The Beatles managed to make a few good films. The Fab Four were never more charming than in Richard Lester’s adorable A Hard Day’s Night, a comedy that takes a clever look at the madness surrounding what was then the world’s biggest band. A fun movie filled with some of The Beatles’ best songs and definitely worth a watch.

Celebrate the MLS Cup with food, fun

Sounders Seafood ShockerThe Seattle Sounders weren’t able to convert an otherwise extremely successful season into a championship, but fans of soccer still get a chance to get in one more game as this weekend Qwest Field plays host to the MLS Cup. To celebrate this important game, the chefs at Qwest have created a series of special dishes for fans to enjoy during the game, including Sounders fan favorite, the Seafood Shocker which features breaded halibut, shoe string French fries, vinegar-marinated red cabbage slaw and spicy malt tartar sauce served on a foot-long toasted roll skewered with shrimp, lemon and tomato.

As the LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake duke it out for supremacy, fans can snack on the Galaxy Dog which features two strips of applewood smoked bacon, nacho cheese sauce, red onion and diced tomatoes and is available, naturally, at Seattle Dogs. Ciao Down will offer the Galaxy Pizza, topped with ground buffalo, caramelized red onions, thick cut bacon, and pepper-jack cheese. Real Salt Lake is represented by Grill 12’s Salt Lake Burger topped with caramelized red onion jam, apple wood smoked bacon, blue cheese, and black cherry barbeque sauce.

The FSN Lounge will be honoring the world’s love for the beautiful game with an assortment of internationally-inspired dishes like Dungeness crab macaroni and Cheese (England), Pissaladiere baked puff pastry with olives, grape tomatoes, caramelized onions and triple cream brie (Spain), Mama’s meatballs (Italy), Bossa Nova chicken sandwich (Brazil) and more.

VictoryKnot Everybody loves pretzels, or nearly everyone enough to ensure that pretzels have long been a staple item at sporting events. Since the MLS Cup is a big event, it makes sense that this game has available a big pretzel–the Victory Knot is a two-pound pretzel topped with sea salt and served with three dipping sauces (spicy mustard, beer cheese and sweet vanilla cream). This pretzel is so big that it is served in a full-size pizza box.

Finally, no matter who wins the game, everyone can celebrate the day with MLS cupcakes – cupcakes decorated with the MLS and team logos.

Kick off for the MLS cup is at 5:30 pm on Sunday, November 22, but there are plenty of events to occupy you until game time. On Friday, November 20, MLS players will go toss a fish at the Pike Place Market at 3pm. Fado Irish Pub hosts a Meet and Greet and Silent Auction from 6 – 8 pm with happy hour drink specials all night long, appearances by Sounders FC players Sébastien Le Toux and Taylor Graham, and a silent auction to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The 2009 Supporters Summit happens at Qwest Field on Saturday, November 21, featuring a State of the League speech by MLS Commissioner Don Garber, Supporters Shield history and presentation by Sam Perron, Kansas City Wizards, a raffle and an officiating and technical discussion panel with Joe Machnick and Alfonso Mondelo.

Saturday night features the Sounders End of Season party at The Baltic Room and a Pioneer Square Supporters Social at Elysian Fields.

On Sunday, get psyched for the game in the morning at the FIFA 2010 Tournament at Fado, sponsored by Gorilla FC, in which teams of players compete to find out who is the best FIFA10 XBOX player, winning great Sounders prizes and raising money for the victims of Black October in Bolivia.

Sunday afternoon there’s a Pre-Game Spaghetti Feed at Fuel and then at 3:45 soccer fans meet up at Occidental Square for the traditional March to the Match, accompanied by Sounders FC owners, players, coaches and MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

Canlis presents the Temptation of Edward Cullen

The Temptation of Edward CullenSeattle’s legendary Canlis restaurant has joined the Twilight-inspired menu trend with their very own themed cocktail, The Temptation of Edward Cullen.

Created by head barman James Mac Williams who says “This drink is not for the faint of heart,” The Temptation of Edward Cullen pays tribute to both the vampires of the movie and the Olympic coast where they live with Plymouth gin, an Austrian Arolla stone pine liqueur called Zirbenz, Le Tourment Vert Absinthe, Champagne and Green Walnut Wine, a sweet, homemade wine with a spicy, nutty flavor. MacWilliams makes the drink by pouring the gin, Zirbenz, and absinthe into a long glass, adding crushed iced to the top, and stirring. After topping off the glass with champagne, he pours the green walnut wine slowly over the top so that it sinks through the crushed ice then garnishes with lemon fangs and a straw.

Photo by Brian Canlis.

wednesday agenda: dent may, fiery furnaces

dent may, with ukulele.

Tonight, if the chatting, laughing, drinking, eating, and other assorted revelry of Blogsgiving hasn’t worn you to shreds, you might want to drop by Chop Suey on your way home. There, Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele(s) can show you that contrary to conventional wisdom, if you try hard enough, you can force a dance party. They open for sibling songwriting the Fiery Furnaces, an odd couple of boundary-stretching rockers who have taken inspiration from sources ranging as far and wide as Devo to their grandmother’s choir. $15, 8pm. With Cryptacize. [chopsuey]

Sorrento introduces new “Twilight Cocktail”

bella-edward-cocktail1Although I continue to think that the “Twilight” series of books and movies are completely ridiculous and just can’t fathom the appeal, I do very much appreciate the inspiration they’ve provided for culinary and cocktail creation. Cristin Malone, bartender at the Sorrento Hotel‘s Hunt Club has put his own twist on a “New Moon”-inspired cocktail with “The Bella Edward”. The inner rim of a martini glass is drizzled with a balsamic reduction that drips down the side toward a pool of blood-red raspberry puree nestling concoction of Krupnik honey liqueur and raspberry-infused vodka.

Even if you choose another drink instead (although I don’t see how you can pass this one up), the Hunt Club is an excellent place for refreshment. It’s got an old-fashioned sort of luxury, all cushions and brick and good, casual food. Happy hour is great at the Hunt Club with shrimp and oysters and nuts, crab mac’n’cheese, olives, hummus, garlic fries and other tasty and low-priced food options.

Thunderbirds goalie named CHL goaltender of the week

calvin 092509The Seattle Thunderbirds have had a rough start to their season so far with an 8-13 record that currently sees them at the bottom of the Western Hockey League’s US division, but things are starting to look up for the team after a solid weekend of wins and some strong individual performances from the players. Second-year goaltender Calvin Pickard, 17, is a definite asset to the team and has been recognized for his perfect performance last week as this week’s Canadian Hockey League Goaltender of the Week. (The CHL consists of the WHL, the OHL, and the QMJHL). Pickard’s week included three road game wins in three nights, with 22 saves in a 7-2 win over the Kamloops Blazers and shutouts against the Everett Silvertips during which he stopped 29 shots of 29 and the Vancouver Giants where he stopped at 25 shots he faced. The highly regarded young goalie is eligible for the 2010 NHL entry draft for which he’s currently ranked at number one among goaltender prospects. Pickard will also be representing Team WHL at the 2009 Subway Super Series in Victoria, BC, on November 25 and Kelowna, BC, on November 26.

The Tbirds continue their drive for an improved record this weekend at home in Kent’s ShoWare Center this weekend, facing two teams from last week’s victories: Kamloops Blazers Friday and Everett Silvertips Saturday.

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