Another foot found

The World at His Feet by NW Sunshine [flickr] via our group pool [#].

In the ongoing severed feet saga to our north, a seventh foot has washed up in British Columbia, according to the Vancouver Sun (#). Of the seven feet (over half a soccer team, as Wesa pointed out), only one has been postively identified, though a couple of the feet have been matched.

To date, none of the feet appear to show signs of foul play… most have just naturally separated from the bodies and floated to the beaches because of the buoyancy of the shoes’ material. Nothing like a decomposed foot to set the right tone for Halloween, huh?

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  1. Zee Grega (zeegrega) on October 29th, 2009 @ 1:08 am

    I really, really, REALLY wish that someone would figure out where the feet are coming from. It gets creepier with each one that’s found.

  2. Beth (unregistered) on October 29th, 2009 @ 7:22 am

    I agree; it would be great if they’d put some more manpower into investigating this. They did figure out who the first pair was from; a guy who was emotionally distraught, and likely a suicide. But the other five feet? No explanation that’s been given. :/

  3. nowhereman on October 31st, 2009 @ 4:56 pm

    Am I crazy? I have never in my life heard of a foot “naturally separated” from a body. Seriously… what the heck?!?

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