bumbershoot : what the kids were talking about

photo by Scott Cahill Rude [flickr] via our group pool [#].

For Team Metblogs, our longstanding dream of having an intern, caddy, or sherpa help us with the grueling challenge of on-the-scene coverage of full-day festival fun finally came true on Sunday when we recruited our pal Carinna to tag along as our assistant on Sunday. Throughout the day, she had plenty of time to absorb and observe the all-important teen scene at Bumbershoot. Below are some of her observations from the field:

As a high school teacher who 1) has spent a whole summer doing strictly “21+” things, and 2) has to start teaching again on Wednesday, I was keenly sensitive to the teeming presence of teenagers, many of whom were in need of stern teacher looks, at Bumbershoot yesterday.

The most important thing to know about teenagers is that they are usually so wrapped up in themselves and their buddies that they don’t know when they’re being observed. This was how I managed to avoid conversation with all of the former students I saw, and still manage to observe the movements of my normally captive creatures out in the wild.

I saw ponytailed teenaged girls benignly smiling during their first crowd-surfing experiences at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and then later being exited from MSTRKRFT for doing the same thing.

At the Fisher Green stage, pot-smokin’ teenagers freaked out so loudly about Common Market’s zombies that I had to leave to keep from chastising them. Next, a raging windstorm sent sane festival-goers inside to Flatstock, Kerfuffle, and the Art Jam, while drunken teenagers amused themselves by hurtling into the cold, wet International Fountain.

At both U.S.E. and Holy Fuck shows, I overheard teenagers talking about how weird it was that their parents “actually listen to these guys.”

But the most entertaining teenagers I eavesdropped on were sitting on the ground next to me at Todd Snider’s set. These two Nathan Hale students, the kinds who use bonus point vocabulary words to make their jokes funnier and say things like “boss,” spun absurdist tales to pass the time before the show started. Just before the music began, the boys had a conversation that I will remember for the rest of my days because it reminded me why I like my job.

“That’s my favorite kind of wolf! They shoot beams of awesomeness out of their mouths and decapitate horses!” // “Yeah, Chief Laser Fang!”

Many thanks to Carinna for playing along and keeping her ear to the ground. Have an idea for an exciting new guest column for Metblogs? Send your scheme to us at seattle.metblogs at gmail.com

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  1. mrbean (unregistered) on September 8th, 2009 @ 11:34 am

    Awesome! Give Carinna her own column plz. kthx.

  2. josh on September 11th, 2009 @ 11:48 am

    we’ll see if we can get her to contribute again!

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