Bumbershoot update: still no rain

I hardly know what to do with myself at a Bumbershoot with neither blazing sun nor pouring rain, but fortunately there are plenty of distractions on hand.

The Exhibition Hall (Rockstar Energy Drink Stage) continues to be one of the worst places ever to see a band, but Australia’s Sick Puppies made it worth suffering the less-than-stellar acoustics. Turn the amps up to 11 and it’s a party wherever you go.

Less loud but no less fun was the far-too-short acoustic set by the ridiculously adorable Whore Moans in preview of their evening spectacular set to hit the Sky Church stage in just a short click of time from now. It’s not often that you get to hear a chipper modern take on “Da Doo Run Run” followed by a peppy “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man”, but it really ought to be.

Off the stages there’s still plenty to see and enjoy. Every year I think that next year’s visual arts programming can’t possibly be any better and this year I am happy to be proven dead wrong. “Kerfuffle” is a fascinating exhibit of art about how human commerce affects the environment which presents powerful messages on sustainability that avoids the academic dryness that awareness art sometimes suffers.

Mimi Allen’s “A Silence More Irresistable Than” invites fest goers to take off their shoes, climb into one of her specially designed pods and ponder in silence, presenting their post-pod thoughts for her collection and further reflection.

“Dada Economics” is a dynamic installation of mixed media art that’s provocative and frequently LOL funny. Bumbershoot patrons gets a chance to be both fashion designer and model by creating ensembles from the eclectic wardrobe of clothing and accessories on hand. Performance artists protest performance art in a poster/sign and video combo. Found objects and items from the grocery store are repurposed in colorful new pieces. A city is built from paper.

The Gage Drawing Jam returns giving anyone the chance to draw from a live model with a wide variety of artistic media including charcoal, pencil, ink and chalk. Too intimidating or elaborate? Be sure to stop by the charming Snackbar, a booth offering popcorn or toffee in exchange for your drawing of anything you want.

The five minutes I spent watching Katy Perry shall never henceforth be mentioned again.

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