100mpg Prius?

100+ MPG Prius

High mileage cars are (thankfully) becoming more and more popular. The Toyota Prius is still one of the hottest cars on the market, especially in the Northwest. However, did you know you can extend the gas mileage of the Prius even further? That is where A123Systems and their Hymotion battery come into play. The Hymotion system is basically a giant laptop battery with the purpose of augmenting the Prius’ stock batteries. This gives the car more electric power and allows the driver to move around in just electric mode, as long as you stay below Toyota’s 33mph limit for electric only driving. I’m not exactly sure why the limit is BELOW 35, but it is. However, even if you are going 40 down the road with the gas engine on, you are still getting over 100mph. This works because the Hymotion battery is still helping power the car through the electric motor.

I got a chance to drive one of these cars for a weekend. It was pretty cool to actually see how my driving style affected the car’s overall mpg. I found myself changing how I accelerated in order to get better mileage. The Prius has a pretty sophisticated computer in the dash, but the Hymotion still needs another readout screen because the Prius’ built-in system can only report up to 99.9mpg!

The Hymotion does come at a price though, and a rather hefty price at that. $10,395 will get the system installed in your existing Prius by The Green Car Company in Bellevue. They also can sell you a new Prius already outfitted with the Hymotion system.

If you are interested in knowing more; The Green Car Company is having an event this coming Saturday from 10-4. If you go, you can test drive a plug-in Prius and see what is involved in the conversion. The Green Car Company is located at 345 106th Ave NE. Bellevue, WA 98004.

And hey, there is even a tax rebate for converting your car to plug-in electric.

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