Kingston, WA: a perfect place to cool off

ferry on the sound
For quite some time I’ve been meaning to go up to Edmonds and catch the ferry over to Kingston; today’s heat finally inspired me to do so. When it’s hot out there are few places nicer to be than on a ferry crossing the Puget Sound.

cool water
Puget Sound’s water is always beautiful and cool.

The “Gateway to the Olympics” is lush and verdant.

mama seagull
A mama seagull made a nice little home for her babies on a beam at the Kingston ferry terminal.

seattle in the distance
You can look across the Sound and see Seattle.

Downtown Kingston is quaintly charming and very small; it doesn’t take much time to walk all the way through it unless you stop to visit all the neat little stores they have there, of which there are quite a few. The Kingston Quilt Store had some amazing quilts; when it gets to be that time of year that I stop complaining about the heat because I’m cold, I’m definitely going to get some of their quilts to keep me warm. Before then I may go back to visit for their Saturday night concert series that runs through the month of August, the 2009 Tribal Canoe Journey or the First Annual Slug Hunt on August 8.

Despite its small size, Kingston hosts a number of ice cream places; I found myself drawn into Mora Iced Creamery where they have small batch ice cream and sorbet made from fresh ingredients in flavors like Cinnamon, Spicy Chai, Goat Cheese with Fig, Cantaloupe and Pink Grapefruit. I had a scoop each of Lavender and Lemon Bar (made with bits of real lemon bar crust mixed in!) and can’t wait to go back and try more flavors.

Kingston is definitely a fun place to visit. The ferry ride there and back is pleasant and the town is adorable. It’s well worth the trip.

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