Metroblogging Eats: Eastlake Tako Truk


One of the few things I’m always complaining about related to living in Eastlake is the lack of affordable, delicious dinner options, so when the rumors started up about Tako Truk opening up operations out of the 14 Carrot Cafe space, I may have squealed with glee. (I am a fan of the taco revolution, and would move in to Tacos Gringos if there was enough space.)

Tako Truk runs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from around 6 to around 12, taking orders from a wooden crate set up in the doorway of the 14 Carrot. They have a chalkboard set up with the night’s offerings, and $5 in cash will get you three of most of the tacos and two of the octopus tacos. (Two tacos is plenty for me, but I am little, so your mileage may vary.) It takes some amount of time between two and ten minutes to get your tacos, which is plenty of time to meet your neighbors who are all standing around humming in taco-related excitement. Tacos bring everyone together.

Last night, the octopus was great, not rubbery, oniony and spicy and sitting on a smear of yogurt. Cormac Mahoney, formerly of Sitka and Spruce, is behind this operation, which means that everything is pretty much guaranteed to be interesting and delicious, so I’m already plotting how to make sure I’m home on at least one of their three nights next week too. Each day they Twitter what the menu is going to be, update when they run out of something, and then let everyone know when they’re closing down.

Tako Truk is really pretty brilliant, and an exciting addition to Seattle’s slowly awakening street food scene. I wish they were open every day.

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