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Skiing 14th

Well it’s actually summer, but the sentiment remains the same. We ran into a dilemma a few weeks back. We have a pair of skis that we do not need and wanted to find a home for. No one is looking to buy skis in May or June, and so we checked with various used sporting good stores in the area. All told us the same thing: no one will accept them and likely no one will take them from us. One even recommended sending them to the landfill.

I finally decided to check with Value Village. They, fortunately, will accept skis. Hopefully someone will use them the next time we have snow in the city.

If you have items to get rid of, there are a lot of options. Most used sporting good stores will take sports equipment, just call ahead to confirm. Seattle has a local division of Freecycle that I have used a few times to offload stuff we didn’t want or have room for that was still perfectly usable. Craiglist and eBay also work well for that, though I haven’t used either of them for that purpose. Check out how to recycle electronics here.

What you shouldn’t do is assume that no one would want it and send it straight to the landfill, or dump it on the street corner and hope someone picks it up.

Sofa to go by smohundro

Sofa to go by smohundro

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  1. Nerd's Eye View (nerdseyeview) on June 16th, 2009 @ 6:38 am

    Also, all that old computer stuff? RE-PC on 6th for recycling. They take all the other crap too, cables and that ancient mouse that still works and the keyboard that’s full of toast crumbs and everything.

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