Need Another Reason To Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market?

Fiddleheads – The unfurled fronds of the fern plant. West Seattle Farmer’s Market.

Awesomely fresh local specialty produce. Imagine these sauteed in some garlic butter and a spritz of fresh lemon squeezed on top at the end.

Check out for the closest one to you and check it out if you have never been. Not only can you enjoy super fresh produce, but usually at prices way better than at a grocery store. Most of them also include vendors selling breads, sweet treats, honey, cured meats, fish, flowers, and prepared foods.

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  1. Patricia Eddy (patriciaeddy) on June 1st, 2009 @ 9:48 am

    A couple of other recs:

    1. The Ballard, Wallingford, and Madrona Farmers’ Markets (as well as the Fremont Sunday Market) are run by a second organization. You can find them at They also blog regularly.

    2. Fiddleheads are likely on their way out, so if you want them, get them next week! Sea Beans though are just on their way in. These salty treasures are fantastic in salads.

    3. Shameless plug: visit Cook Local for recipes with all this wonderful produce.

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