The Death Throes of the P-I

Armageddon is descending on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and like all end times scenarios, there are wars and there are rumors of wars, plagues, pestilence, and… wait, is that a savior descending from the clouds? Could there actually be a person or a group stepping up to buy it? And are they insane, or just need to drain their swimming pool full of money?

Meanwhile, while rumors of a Fisher-online-P-I hookup are mooted, no one is sure when the P-I stops printing.

Oh, and the online P-I project is suddenly in jeopardy because Hearst’s lowball offers were rejected by some of the most critical people needed for an online-only launch — like their web geek. You stay classy, San Simeon.

And yes, the 60-day clock runs out tomorrow. People are packing up. The new heaven and new earth that is the online-only P-I is supposed to descend tomorrow as well. But from the looks of it on the outside, I don’t think anyone knows how this ends, not even Hearst.

So, tune in tomorrow for what could be the stunning finale of As The Globe Turns. Or maybe it’s Wednesday. Or next week. The sooner we get closure on this mess, the sooner we can all move on.

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