The United States of America…

So the correlation between the good ‘ole US of A and the Department of Eagles… is pretty obvious. Whether or not the intention of the members of this band was to connect themselves to the United States is still to be determined. (if you have any tip-offs, I’m genuinely interested)

If only this band were THE representation of the United States of America,  perhaps the world would like us more. But. I’m not here to spout off my opinions of American politics (I leave that discussion to more intelligent, more well-read people). Point being The Department of Eagles show on Wednesday January 28th, 2009 will go down in history as the best show of my life to date. I, Andrea(yaya), have never been more moved, more emotionally invested, more impressed by a conglomeration of musicians in my life. (I realize this assertion might seem like I’m using hyperbole. That’s probably half-true.) This was in stark contrast to opener, The Cave Singers, who left me feeling slightly underwhelmed. In fear of being offensive to a cult-Seattle following, I will only say one more thing about them. I feel the potential.

But onto the more positive side of things. Prior to their show, I really felt like the Department of Eagles would be a let-down. Partly because their album was so amazing, partly because I ran into an online video recording of them and was unimpressed with their live recording. I could not have been more wrong. Daniel Rossen is a melodic genius. The drummer and bassist could have carried a show on their own. Fred Nicolaus served as the underappreciated, undiscovered cog in this band wheel.

The greatness of the show can be attributed to not only the musical talent of the band, but to the new songs they played (!!!). And Daniel Rossen’s loop pedal. HOLY MACKEREL. The only way I can describe the intensity I felt is with a shameless reference to pop-culture. (ready?) While he was belting his way into the microphone, all I could think of was transforming myself into half-octopus/half-witch because with Ursala’s power, I could trap his voice in a sea-shell and put my ear up to it whenever the mood strikes.

I feel like my own personal attachment to this group has already partially discredited the positive experience I’ve had with the Department of Eagles, so IN SHORT you should make your own decision and see these folks live. Then I will pay you a penny.

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