Sunday Seals

Foggy Sunday courtesy of the Shawnmebo[flickr] via our group pool [#]

I have a confession: Until today, I had never been to Discovery Park. Sure, it’s only 12 minutes from my place, and I love to hike. But somehow, I had managed to avoid it in favor of the I-90 corridor for nearly two years. When I mentioned that I was going to go today on Facebook, I even got incredulous remarks from out-of-towners who had been someplace I hadn’t been.

Of course, today might not have been the best day to decide to check it out, seeing as how the whole of Seattle got eaten by a fog monster, as pictured above. The beach was rather one shade of gray merging into another- sand into waves into fog. Which is not to say that it was a bad trip- now that I’ve ‘discovered’ Discovery Park, I will definitely be returning. It’s amazing that we have a park that large in the city, with 11+ miles of trails through all manner of wilderness.

But as I said- while the day was perhaps not ideal, I still saw something I’d never seen before: Harbor Seals! From my vantage point they looked like driftwood for a while, until the one I was watching deliberately dove underwater. We watched them play for a while, and then returned to our hike. But… seals! I knew that people had seen them out here; in fact, some of my friends have posted Flickr photos of seals out in West Seattle. I just assumed that I would never see them myself, and would have to settle for living vicariously through my friends’ occasional seal spotting. Of course, my general tendency during these moments is to immediately share the moment- to let someone else live vicariously through me, which usually includes calling the landlocked parental units, who allow me to spill my excitement without getting too annoyed. I’m still excited, though- seals! In Seattle! So close by! We are so spoiled to live in such an amazing city, where we can stumble across seals on a Sunday stroll.

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