"How Often Does The Train Go By?"

“So often, you don’t even notice it.”*

I was recently at a sherry seminar at The Corson Building and part of its charm (beyond the physical space inside and out) is that the when the train goes by (and it does go by quite frequently) conversation is interrupted and everybody there shares a little moment and a chuckle.

I have not yet been there for dinner, but you are seated at communal tables and the food is passed around family-style. I vacillate between finding it charming and wondering what happens if you get seated next to some drunken boor hogging all the hamachi (like me).

What do you think of this increasing trend of communal dining in Seattle?

The Corson Bulding
5609 Corson Avenue South
(206) 762-3330

*Appropriated fromThe Blues Brothers, though they were talking about the El in Chicago.

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  1. litlnemo on October 20th, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

    I hate it. I prefer to choose my own dining companions, thank you very much.

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