Bus delays plague UW opening

Standing Room, from the Seattle Municipal Archives

It’s that time of year again: yesterday was the first day of the University of Washington’s fall quarter. For many would-be students, both new and old, Wednesday meant packed buses, route delays, and even missed courses. A pile-up on the routes to the UDistrict as everyone tries to figure out which classes they’re taking impacts not only undergrads, but also those who teach them — faculty and grad students alike. A colleague of mine was almost late to her first day of language teaching, due to the 43 from Capitol Hill being 30 mins delayed due to increased traffic. Today, one day into the quarter, the 65 was not picking up passengers between 55th street and campus, due to overcrowding on non-articulated coaches around 9am. There seems to be a ‘capacity valley’ in the curve of distance from campus: if you’re distant enough from the UW, you’ll be assured of a seat, but by the time you get closer to campus, even standing room might be gone.

Metro does put more buses in place in sync with the academic year, but perhaps extra steps could be taken during the first week of classes, when nobody’s schedule is fixed yet and everyone is flooding on to campus to sit in on multiple courses.

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  1. wesa on September 25th, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

    I skipped the bus entirely and was thankful that I live close enough to bike from Capitol Hill to campus. Well, that was until I dropped my bicycle off for repairs/tune up until Tuesday night. Regardless, those who live closer should walk/bike more. I saw quite a few stops within 10 minutes walk of campus packed with waiting students heading to class.

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