New Orleans MB Blogging Through Hurricane Gustav

45 a.m. EDTby NOAA when the storm was a Category Five hurricane. Photo courtesy of Flickr user

Hurricane Katrina taken on Aug. 28, 2005, at 11:45 AM EDT by NOAA when the storm was a Category Five hurricane. Photo courtesy of Flickr user

Our friends in New Orleans are blogging while making preparations for Hurricane Gustav’s arrival. Metblogger Craig, a New Orleans restaurant owner and Katrina survivor, has chosen to weather the storm instead of abide by the mandatory evacuation order. From his latest dispatch:

We’ve had a series of customers today, most of which have announced they are also staying. They’re grateful there is SOMEplace open, even if they’re on their way out of town, since EVERYplace is closed. You know things are serious when both the Wal-Mart and the Discount Zone convenience store are closed. But we’re cheered a bit at the latest storm tracking report, which shows landfall of the center a little farther west than anticipated. Every mile west that landfall occurs puts us farther from the strongest winds.

I’ve talked with about everyone I need to talk to, informing them we’re staying. I finally turned my phone off last night to simply stop the calls and the texting and the explaining. We both slept very well, though we were up early to get things cranked up down here.

The city isn’t a ghost town. Traffic is more like early Christmas morning, with only occasional vehicles. We’ll park where we want to block the front doors tonight. But it’s apparently still a mess on the main highways getting out. Glad we’re not fighting that.

You’re doing a heckavu job, Craigie. (Really.)

You can follow Hurricane Gustav here. Best wishes to everyone down there — stay safe!

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