Fortuny Summoned

Say what you will about Jason Fortuny (go ahead, say it, he loves the attention) he doesn’t let you to sit on the fence. Fortuny, as nearly everybody knows by now, perpetrated one of the most infamous and despicable Internet pranks of all time [wiki, encyclopedia dramatica]. He loves to couch what he did as a “social experiment” but ask any social scientist if what he did qualifies as an experiment and listen to the laughter.

Today, we finally receive the news his comeuppance may be close at hand. According to 10ZenMonkeys the plaintiff in the $75,000 lawsuit filed against Fortuny in April was finally able to find a valid address for him and a summons has been issued. This means at least one victim of Fortuny’s will get his day in court.

According to the suit Fortuny “acted with actual malice to harm and deceive the individuals responding to the Craigslist ad.” The suit demands a jury trial and seeks a full slate of damages — compensatory, statutory, and punitive, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

“Plaintiff has suffered, and continues to suffer, harm arising from the foregoing wrongful conduct by Mr. Fortuny,” the lawsuit complains, identifying the victim as John Doe and arguing that the incident affected his private life “and the manner in which he is viewed among family, friends, and colleagues.”

I don’t know if this suit has legs but I do know which side of the fence I’m sitting on. Did I mention Fortuny will be representing himself?

[via waxy]

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