SP20 West: Foals, Wolf Parade at Neumos

Josh alerted you to the appearance of the Foals and Wolf Parade at Neumos on Monday night, after appearing at the SubPop 20 concert in Redmond this past weekend. Apparently the interest in a more carbon-neutral music experience (especially with SR520 closed, what were they thinking?) was enough to cause a sell-out crowd at the Capitol Hill venue.


Wolf Parade at Neumos

The Foals made mention of their previous appearance at the venue, which apparently involved some (British-accented) ‘naughtiness.’ However most of the misbehavio(u)r that night occurred during the end of Wolf Parade’s set, where some impromptu crowd-surfing caused a little lightweight intervention from security. Join the discussion on who’s at fault over at Three Imaginary Girls, but for the record I have a pretty low tolerance for craziness and never felt like things were getting out of control.

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  1. josh on July 15th, 2008 @ 10:28 pm

    yeah, the stage left bouncer at Neumo’s was on top of his game, swiftly and unobtrusively intervening before anything got too messy in the moshswarm.

    I thought that both bands were great. I’m liking Wolf Parade’s new material more and more with every listen (and more with every live performance). Still, I’m glad that some of their friends and Sub Pop crew requested older songs that had fallen out of rotation!

    btw, these pictures are really nice. I really like the one of Spencer surrounded by the thick crowd.

  2. valenvitols on July 15th, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

    It was a pretty bad situation. Some of the people in the crowd were raucous, out-of-control, rude, stupid to a point of being unreal. Come on! We’re talking about grown-up people! (21 and over show). One thing is to dance vigorously, jump and have fun…this was punching (with the purpose of getting to front line), pushing and kicking! Not funny, not the result of dancing, it was violence! For some of us who love Wolf Parade the memory of this show will be nightmare-esque. My party wasn’t able to really enjoy it because we got so physically abused we chose to leave and watch the rest of the show outside the venue. It was awful. We go to a lot of shows and we’ve never seen such a demonstration of stupidity.

  3. Peter (peter) on July 16th, 2008 @ 1:01 am

    Ouch, that does actually sound pretty grim. I saw a bunch of energetic moving forward and backward but wasn’t sure how much of that is common at these shows…

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