Seattle = dirty rotten stinking thieves?

Rossi campaign sign
Photo courtesy firni

Back in ’04, our election for governor ended in a tie.

A tie?

The problem is this: every election or poll has a margin of error. You’re always going to have a small number of votes that are screwed up in some way. 0.0045%, the margin of Gregoire’s victory, is well within that margin of error. So: it was a tie.

Unfortunately, the US election system doesn’t know how to deal with ties — remember 2000? — so it turned into a game of recounts and ill-considered court challenges. Nobody from either side covered themselves in glory. (Save possibly for Sam Reed, the Republican Secretary of State, who stuck to his job while taking enormous abuse from all sides.) Gregoire’s seat only became permanent after almost six months of legal maneuvering.

Republicans were bitter. Eastern Washington Republicans were especially bitter. Most of the recounted votes that put Gregoire in office were from King County.

Fast forward four years. Rossi is running for governor again. And signs like this have been sighted in Puyallup, Yakima, Ellensburg, and probably a host of other small towns.

Seattle: you thieves, you.

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