Weren’t they supposed to be good?

mclaren pissed

I admit, I’m only a passive baseball fan, and I pay attention to the Mariners only because they call our fair city of Seattle home.

But outbursts such as this by team manager John McLaren only bring more negative attention to a team that was widely predicted to win their division at the beginning of the season.

“We’re playing our ass off every day and got nothing to show for it. I’m tired of (expletive) losing, I’m tired of getting my ass beat, and so are those guys. We’ve got to change this (expletive) around and get after it. And only we can do it.

And it gets worse.

When you fire off like that during a press conference, you’re not doing yourself any favors, John. It might be frustrating to be on a disappointing skid this far into the season, but keeping one’s cool in trying times shows a lot about one’s character. F-bombs directed at the press don’t really help much.

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