Do not cut bus service. No. Bad.

The 48 was jammed cheek-by-jowl this morning, not an inch of extra room or breathing space to be had. To let anybody off at any stop, about a quarter of the bus had to exit and then re-board.

There aren’t a lot of routes that are going empty these days. With high gas prices on everybody’s mind, lots of people are looking for ways to avoid driving. Which is, of course, why Metro Transit general manager Kevin Desmond is muttering darkly to the Wall Street Journal about service cuts.

Yes, he said it would be a “last resort.” And yes, this is more than likely a piece of an ongoing campaign to get an increased budget for Metro to deal with rising fuel costs.

(Of course, Desmond noted that Metro budgeted for $2.60/gallon diesel this year, according to the P-I. I’m not sure what happy pills the planners were taking to think that diesel costs would be that low, but I wish they’d give some to the rest of us.)

Still: can we all agree that sacrificing bus service to high fuel prices would be a bit like dealing with blisters by shooting our feet off?

Hat tips to the P-I editorial board and to LJ user solarbird.

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  1. arboreality on June 3rd, 2008 @ 4:01 pm

    ditto. and, honestly, i’m still trying to figure out how even by underbudgeting by so much, they STILL end up with that big a miss ($13 million). that’s 14,000 gallons a day? i’m really bad at estimation but that seems sort of enormous?

    also, starting this fall, Seattle Schools Start Using Metro. 25,000 more riders every morning, yippee!

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