coffee with a dash of crack?

Starbucks is unveiling its new line of +Energy products today, which look to combine all the nerve-jangling goodness of coffee with the “how did they make this crap legal?!” boost of an energy drink.

The new ingredients that make up this concoction are, to no surprise, guarana, B-vitamins and ginseng. Customers can add the new product to any drink by simply saying “plus energy” after placing their order. After five sips, experts predict you’ll begin having intense hallucinations and not be able to sit still for the next six hours.

OK, I made that part up, but really – does subpar coffee really need to be mixed with ingredients that I’ve always referred to as “a dash of crack?” Is this really a good idea?

P-I story here.

(I especially enjoyed the quote from the PR lady about how this new product is designed for “an active lifestyle.”)

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