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Safeco Tower at night

photo by treedork [flickr]

It’s been in the works for awhile. Last Friday, as noted by Beth [m-b], they made it official. In a ceremony attended by dignitaries, a brass band, and a malamute, Safeco CEO Paula Reynolds took some time out from selling her company to hand over the ceremonial keys to the U-District’s icon of early 70s cement-block architecture, the Safeco Tower, to UW president Mark Emmert.

This is all formality. The ink was dry on this deal a long time ago. Safeco is long since out of the building. Some UW departments have already moved in. Still, the symbolism was useful, especially since UW’s Daily is reporting that the “SAFECO” signs at the top of the tower will be replaced sometime next month.

Now that UW has the tower and surrounding buildings, what are they going to do with it? Mostly, it’ll be administration offices, relieving some campus overcrowding. Many campus departments are quietly reshuffling space over the next year or so as more offices head over to what will now be called the University of Washington tower.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of campus renovation and Washington Weekend, some jokers apparently tossed a dumpster full of garbage into Gerberding Drumheller Fountain on Friday night. I could claim that it was some kind of protest, but drunken idiocy seems far more likely.

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  1. gargamello on April 28th, 2008 @ 11:04 am

    Are we talking about that shabby little concrete cubicle pile in the pic?

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