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Help avoid another SLUT… Name the Lake Union Trail

Personally, I like referring to the South Lake Union Trolley/Streetcar as the SLUT. But I do agree that the original name was a bit of an unfortunate happenstance. Now the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department is working on a six mile multi-use trail around Lake Union. What do these two things have in common? Well, not a whole lot. But if you want to avoid the unfortunate naming of the trail as the Lake Union Trail (LUT) or worse, the Lake Union Strolling Track (LUST), now is your chance to tell them what you think it should be named. [Link]

You can send your ideas to the following address.
Paula Hoff
Seattle Parks and Recreation
100 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

There’s no current information available on progress or an eventual completion date for the trail.

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this photo, by e. rose [flickr], is one of many snow day pics you’ll find in our group pool [#].
  • OMFG: I know that I campaigned against the coyotes in the CHS tourney, but I didn’t think that the Navy would want to hunt and kill the one in Discovery Park. [citizenrain]
  • Maybe Charles Muedede is making fun of a seemingly nice family who earnestly enjoyed a birthday dinner at the Space Needle. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell. [slog]
  • The Seattle Weekly has a “comments of the week” section. [dailyweekly]
  • Bellingham entrepreneur sets a good example of how to close a club without leaving patrons, employees completely in the dark. [seattlest]
  • Public Intern is keeping a really good weblog while studying abroad. [ohmygodsouthafricaseattle]
  • Snow days are slow bus days. [seatrans, hillku]


I love the caption that is paired with this photo.

“Romanes eunt domum?!?!”

I don’t want to say that Seattle is a tad too empowering, but we do have our moments.

Granted, if this has been on the east side, then the error would have been marked with a red squiggly underline.

Too true. Thanks for adding it to the Metroblogging Flickr pool!

Technology Roundup

  • Microsoft relents: Vista consumer virtualization ban lifted [ars technica]
  • Microsoft to acquire virtual-tech firm (note: coincidence?) [p-i]
  • Getty Images put up for sale, could fetch $1.2 billion [seattle times]
  • Microsoft aims $235.5 million more at global learning program [seattle times]
  • Ecologists, material scientists pursue genetics of diatom’s elegant, etched casing [uwnews]
  • Nintendo Earnings Nearly Double on Wii [ny times]
  • Camera in a pill offers cheaper, easier window on your insides [uwnews]
  • Microsoft Posts Rise in Profit [ny times]
  • IE8’s super standards mode cuts both ways [ars technica]
  • New York Times on the Kindle [#]

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony

On Saturday, Assistant Conductor Joseph Crnko lead the Seattle Symphony through 17 songs from a variety of video games at Benaroya Hall. A friend and I decided to take our men-folk to the show as a surprise. This was the second showing of PLAY! that the Seattle Symphony performed, as the first show on the previous Thursday had quickly sold out.

Seattle P-I: Is 11 year-old Rachel Fox Hot or Not?

The P-I has added a feature to its photo galleries that allows viewers to vote whether the subject is “hot or not.” Great idea, right? I know I can’t wait to see some hot…oh no.

What the…?


In the Screen Actors Guild Awards gallery [p-i], the P-I is asking us to choose whether 11 year-old Rachel G. Fox [imdb] is hot or not. This is certainly an innocent oversight. I mean, it’s highly unlikely the P-I wants us to objectify an 11 year-old girl. I expect this will be corrected posthaste and everyone will laugh nervously over the gaffe.

However, you’d think somebody working at the P-I would clue them into the fact that the whole “hot or not” meme was 1) over several years ago, and 2) had its genesis in some of the worst qualities humanity has to offer.

Just get rid of it entirely, P-I. This way you can avoid accidentally condoning the sexual objectification of children while at the same time elevating yourselves above a pretty despicable Internet meme.

The Seattle Mariners: Sodo Mediocrito

Seattle Mariners

photo by fall-line (via Flickr)

Apparently it’s going to happen: The Seattle Mariners will trade their ENTIRE FARM SYSTEM (not really, but most of the decent players in the minors) for a good but injury prone pitcher.

And with a simple agreement, the Baltimore Orioles will instantly become stocked for a future wild card run, while the Mariners will now be prohibitive favorites to finish third in their division.

What a great deal. It’s like trading your entire box of first edition Klostermans and Couplands for a personally signed second edition of The Yiddish Policeman’s Union. Yeah, it looks real good right now, but sometime in 2011 or so, when Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs gets made into an Oscar-winning, Linklater-directed movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Coupland is sipping Cristal in a 50 Cent video while Michael Chabon is relegated to interviews on Fresh Air when Terri Gross is on vacation… you literary minded folks starting to understand the metaphor?

Seth’s got it pretty well covered. Me, I’m going to go back to banging my head against the wall asking why I renewed my season tickets yet again this year.

coffee on wall street

A graph, by way of What I Learned Today [dihard] (which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite tumblrs), on the occasion of a week that saw McDonald’s announcing the addition of minimum-wage baristas to their stores and Starbucks announcing their foray into bottomless 8 ounce cups of drip coffee. [wsj]


(Actually, it sounds like the “short brew” has been around at Starbucks for a while [thestreet ], but like all of their other “short” versions that are often challenging to obtain at airports and other secondary locations, it’s not on the menu and required knowing about it to order.)

These Are the Good Times People


The Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum was invaded tonight by Amazonians and their plus-ones for the company’s annual post-holiday party complete with food, drink, dance, video games, and a look at J.K. Rowlings’ Tales of Beedle the Bard (a winning bid of £1,950,000 scored one of the seven handwritten copies, though the proceeds went to charity).

The Presidents of the United States of America played a short concert for the party, with frontman Chris Ballew unsuccessfully attempting to coerce Amazon president Jeff Bezos into crowd-surfing. The band began ending their set with a pretty good rendition of “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Though, Ballew’s clever improvisations took a turn for the worse when he brought up iTunes (a direct competitor to Oops.

Here’s a link to my favorite Presidents song from back in the days of Vans and headbanging. Enterprising YouTube searchers might even be able to find one of their songs from tonight’s show despite the band’s no-taping policy… That being said, their newest album, These Are the Good Times People will be out March 11 on

Grey Gallery opening


Considering how uncomfortably packed it was last night, I think you could say that Grey Gallery’s grand opening party was a success.

Grey is a gallery/lounge on 11th, between Barca and Purr. It’s a great big space in what used to be a thrift store, and owner Erik Guttridge has changed it into a space where the art is accessible and the lounge comfortable. I’m not sure how they plan to keep people from touching and breaking the art, now that they’re serving liquor, but it’s still a pretty neat idea. If you missed art opening on the 10th and couldn’t get near anything last night, you should probably stop by and take a look.

Also open now is King Cobra, the new bar/music venue in the old Sugar space next to the Comet, owned by the people who brought you Kincora. The official opening party isn’t until the first week of March, but they’ve got a liquor license and staff, so until then they’ll be open Wednesday – Sunday, 6pm – 2am, with guest DJs this weekend. It’s all former Crocodile and Kincora staff, so you should probably stop by there too. It’s going to be great.

And hey, when I was on my way home last night around 1:30, my cab driver told me that he had heard five gunshots outside the Baltic Room around 1:00. Anyone have any idea what that was about?

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