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My New Year’s Wish for Seattle

That someone would open a Chick-Fil-A in this town already.

still crazy, less berry

photo by
by joshc [flickr].

The Crazyberry on Broadway just got a little bit crazier. Or maybe a little less similar in name to PinkBerry. The sign has changed to crazycherry, but the inscription on the door remains the same.

Has anyone been inside since the rebranding? Did they even add cherry yogurt to the menu or slate of toppings?

I got your picture!

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend Harvey Danger’s 2nd Annual Last Show Ever at Neumo’s. The lineup was Awesome, Boat, and Harvey Danger. For anyone who missed it, you missed out on hearing Harvey Danger play their entire first album (Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?) from start to finish! They then launched into another full set of newer material. I think all told, they were on stage for over 2 hours. They also announced two shows, back to back in early March at the Triple Door, where they will play all three of their studio albums back to back both nights. So if you missed out last night, you have two more chances in March!

ave getting urban

urbn ave
photo by
by joshc [flickr].

look who’s coming to the u-district.

can you feel the excitement? “people get ready!” just think of all the saved bus trips for University of Washington students.

The countdown to midnight begins….now

So, Seattle: what are you doing for New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day?

Whatever it is, don’t forget about the photo contest.

dear former-public intern,

good luck, public intern! yours were among the less life-draining posts on slog. [thestranger]

Homer and Airport

I wonder what caused this sign to be bent in this way. Found in Georgetown.

sunday agenda : unscrew the croc

photo by
by joshc [flickr].

This has been well covered and widely recommended elsewhere, but it is worth a brief reminder nonetheless. Tonight at Chop Suey, a ton of local musicians — exactly the sort of people whose careers were bolstered by the existence of a place like the Crocodile Cafe — gather at Chop Suey to help raise a little bit of money for the employees who were, like the rest of us, shocked when the beloved club closed suddenly this month. Unlike the rest of us, they didn’t just lose a favorite venue, they also lost a job. See members of Fleet Foxes, Peter Parker, Siberian, Pale Pacific, J.Tillman, Damien Jurado, Pleasureboaters, Dave Bazan, Triumph Of Lethargy, Dave Terry (of Aqueduct), Sonny Votolato and many others; enter a raffle; buy your favorite ex-Crocs a drink; and maybe hatch a scheme for Seattle’s next great club. $10, 7pm [chopsuey]

Should indie cafes welcome competition from Starbucks?

Slate makes a pretty convincing argument that Starbucks is actually helping independent coffeehouses proliferate. [slate]

According to recent figures from the Specialty Coffee Association of America, 57 percent of the nation’s coffeehouses are still mom and pops. Just over the five-year period from 2000 to 2005–long after Starbucks supposedly obliterated indie cafes–the number of mom and pops grew 40 percent, from 9,800 to nearly 14,000 coffeehouses. (Starbucks, I might add, tripled in size over that same time period. Good times all around.) So much for the sharp decline in locally owned coffee shops. And prepare yourself for some bona fide solid investment advice: The failure rate for new coffeehouses is a mere 10 percent, according to the market research firm Mintel, which means the vast majority of cafes stay afloat no matter where Starbucks drops its stores. Compare that to the restaurant business, where failure is the norm.

In summary, Starbucks’ coffee is nasty and overpriced and independent stores are doing well because of it. The mystery of how Starbucks itself continues to thrive will never be solved.

dept of frivolous but pride-inducing and deflating titles: literacy

Damn it, people. It looks like you slacked off on the whole “reading” endeavor this year. After two consecutive crownings as the most literate city in the whole country, Seattle now finds itself stuck in a Minneapolis–St. Paul sandwich. [usatoday] Let’s try to step it up and read for pleasure a little harder next year, shall we?

(via fimoculous [#], who recently fled our fair city for less literate climes.)

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