Mee Sum, You Sum, We all Sum for Dim Sum

Has my unhealthy level of obsession with getting dim sum in the north end finally paid off? Could this dream be coming true? Yesterday, while clearly working hard on what I like to call ‘research’ for my job, I discovered Eating Seattle [#], a blog about all things food and Seattle. Pretty good deal to me, given that I’m a big fan of food, Seattle and the two in comibination. As you can see, should you click the link, the first article #] says that the author had seen a sign for Mee Sum Pastry, coming soon in a window on 45th and the Ave.

How good is this? I remember, as a seven year old girl, saving my pennies (and here you know I was a foodie in the making) so that I could afford what was then about a $1.07 ( I think they are now $2.25) baked hum bao. These things are like heaven wrapped in bread. For those who have never been, the current Mee Sum is located in the Pike Place Market, on the east side of the street, next to the Juice Plant. In addition to their specialty, many varieties of baked and steamed baos, they also have decent potstickers, the creamiest crab rangoons (unsure if that is a plus) and various other types of Chinese baked goods.
Were it not for the phone call asking me to bike home faster as my man was locked out of my house, I was going to bike by and check out the space, as Eating Seattle doesn’t specify if it looks like it will just be a take out counter a la the market location, or if it looks like they might have seating, or (god forbid) in the future, a possible true dim sum service.

Either way, given my knowledge of their baked goods and the eating habits of college kids (cheap, hot, bread filled with meat) I can’t imagine this place failing if they keep up their excellent quality and keep down their excellent prices. Especially if they take a hint from other cheap foods on the Ave (Aladdin’s, I’m talking to you) and stay open late. What drunk college boy would not stop on the way home for $0.50 potstickers?

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  1. donte (unregistered) on September 23rd, 2007 @ 5:51 pm

    i hope that tastes better than it looks…

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