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April Art Overview: the Museum Edition

Art events in April:

  • The Henry [site] features the continuations of Elusive Signs, Neon Circle, Make Your Own Life, and Photographer Unknown. A new exhibition for April is Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio, a collection of photographs taken by Paul Strand in early 1930’s Mexico.
  • The Seattle Art Museum [site] has its VIP gala re-opening on April 28. Earlier in the month, on April 6, the First Friday lecture is by SAM’s Patricia Junker, Curator of American Art, who will describe what the American Art Galleries will look like when the downtown museum opens again to the public in May.
  • Over at the Bellevue Art Museum [site], continuing are: Women’s Tales, re: Growth, Turning Wood into Art, and Native ‘Species.
  • Down at the Tacoma Art Museum [site] Frida Kahlo: Images of an Icon continues, as does Paul Strand: Southwest and 8th Northwest Biennial.
  • Speaking of Tacoma Art Museum and the Frida Kahlo exhibit, the museum is sponsoring a bed racing event on April 27 as part of its celebration of the centennial of Kahlo’s birth. See the race details page for more info: [bed racing].
  • Finally, at the Frye [site], Life After Death, Sin, Frye Future, and the Ninth Annual WAEA Student Exhibition all continue.

One good weekend could be had by seeing Strand at the Henry one day and Strand at Tacoma Art Museum the other.

saturday agenda: man man, bang bang, sarah vowell, costume invasion

photo by shaerocker and/or danfun via manman [#]

in the event that you have any energy left after drinking your way through the madness of the ncaa semifinals…

  • Philadelphia experimental rock Man Man weave backcountry primitivism, a fondness for facial hair, and as many instruments as they can get their clangy hands on [mp3] into a celebrated live show. Tonight, with White Gold & Weirdlords [neumos]
  • Or perhaps you prefer your men dancing go-go style in an array of costumes? Crack reporting at the Stranger revealed [#] that this is exactly what’s in store at the Baltic Room, where Bang-Bang joins the parade of double-named contenders for your nightlife affections. Freddy King of Pants, of FrankenBoot fame, is among the DJs. [myspace]
  • Then again, if you still have any money left over from last week’s NPR pledge drive, you might be interested in spending somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty to seventy-five dollars to go to the historic Moore Theatre to hear Sarah Vowell tell quirky stories about history. [themoore]
  • If you happen to see people out and about in sci-fi costumes, blame it on the Guerilla Masquerade Party, which will be pulling a science-fiction double feature on the bars of Ballard. This seems perfectly timed to coincide with Emerald City Comic Con which runs through the weekend and features an appearance by everyone’s favorite Wookie.

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photo by denny trimble [flickr], via our group pool [#]. please send us your pretties.

  • free coffee table, with a proven track record of suitability of gay sex [seattle.lj]
  • fuel empire expands to wallingford [capitolhillseattle]
  • turning colonnade park into a mountain biking destination [bikeseattle]
  • an endorsement for wigbash, in the form of performance videos of the Trucks [seattlepowerpop]
  • an annual tradition [mb], “watching the watchers” photographing the UW’s cherry trees [seattlest]

Thursday Report: The Apples in Stereo


via Josh

We’d been enjoying happy hour for a few hours already by the time we got to Neumos just before The Apples in Stereo were set to go on, so I wasn’t overly surprised to walk in and see a guy in a tracksuit and silver cape standing on the stage behind a keyboard. Guys dressed as spacemen were sort of where the evening was going. I was honestly unsure what to expect, anyway; the only review I’ve read of their live show lately was a dismissive one from Tasty Gig Reviews, and it’s unfair to review anyone if they’ve played after Tullycraft, who always manage to charm the dancing shoes onto the surliest of audience members.

The rest of the band filed onstage and got right into it, playing a short sort of intro before swinging into a song. They were well put together and well-mixed, sounding so completely rehearsed that I immediately felt like I was seeing a band on a television show. They sounded…famous. Radio-friendly. It’s a feeling that’s especially strong during bouncier songs like “Energy,” and it’s not a bad thing. Just unexpected.

The crowd was not helping me feel any less like I was on tv. A guy in a fedora yelled “Welcome to America!” for no immediately obvious reason. The long-haired man in front of me with the thick white-framed glasses started blowing bubbles. I watched a girl in the middle of the crowd take off her shoes in order to be able to dance with her guy. (Ok, that was pretty gross. I hope she boiled her feet when she got home.) A blonde that smelled like coconut squeezed into the six inches between me and the guy with the bubbles and I didn’t even elbow her in the kidneys. Just like on television.

friday agenda: elvis perkins, head like a kite, the trucks, dodgeburn

Thetrucks Myspace
photo via the trucks [myspace]
  • Of Elvis Perkins [myspace], NPR writes “brooding, thoughtful, sophisticated” [#] and “heartbreaking but hopeful” [#]. This is a nice way of saying that he’s a folkish rock singer whose voice is just weird enough to keep you paying attention and pretty enough that listening to his sad songs might just make you happy. [tractor]
  • The poster for tonight’s Voyager One + Head Like a Kite show remains one of the most eye-catching I’ve seen in weeks. You know it. It’s black and white with a dog barking and a a large “V” spanning the “oyager” and the “one” lines. Even if you didn’t like epic space rock, this might be enough to draw you in. [crocodile]
  • Indie P.R. and music blogging masterminds the WIG celebrate their birthday tonight in the local installation of WIG BASH 2007 by gathering Iceage Cobra, Shim, Seaweed Jack, and the Trucks. It’s a pretty diverse menu; so dull moments should be few and far between, particularly with the ladies of the Trucks doing everything in their power to make you dance. [highdive]
  • Dodge and Burn, a new collaboration from BLVD Gallery, Gummi Studio and Alyssa Rhodes that focuses on digestion of urban contemporary lifestyle arts and culture, launches a website ( tonight at the Baltic Room. DJs and live painting!

Eat Your Words

The International Edible Book Festival is an annual event on April 1. Locally it is being presented by 826 Seattle [site] at their office at 8414 Greenwood Ave N.

The “books” might look like a traditional book or make reference to a title or character, or may even just have a connection to books in some way or another, but the one thing they all will have in common is the ability to be eaten and enjoyed.

Admission is free if you bring an entry and only $5 if you don’t. Viewing begins at 2, eating begins at 3. For more information, check out the site: [Cook the Books!].

Weekend Film Agenda

image from Arid Lands

  • The Egyptian’s [site] midnight movie on Friday and Saturday is The Fight Club
  • Arid Lands [site], a documentary about the Columbia Basin, has its NW film premiere Saturday, March 31, 2 pm, at the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival in Seattle.[Hazel Wolf]
  • Northwest Film Forum [site] offers up Jean-Luc Goddard’s Two or Three Things I Know About Her, starting March 30 and running through April 5. Showtimes are 7 and 9 nightly.

Nickels vs. Sisley: Fight!

He may have struck out on the Viaduct, but Mayor Nickels is taking a swing at one more source of urban decay: Hugh and/or Drake Sisley, at least in their role as North Seattle’s Lords of the Slumlords.

The Seattle Times argues it’s mainly the brothers’ properties along NE 65th Street, just east of Whole Foods, which are the target of yesterday’s proposal by Nickels to increase fines for trash and debris on properties ten-fold. (This was apparently lost on the P-I’s commenters, of whom only one mentioned the Roosevelt connection in the discussion section attached to that newspaper’s article.)

You might remember the Sisley brothers from the arrest of their white-supremecist gun-runner enforcer in 2005. Hugh claims he’s holding on to the rundown bungalows along 65th in order to build an eventual ‘urban village,’ something the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association doubts.

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Dew Jeff Carlson Flickr
photo by jeff carlson [flickr] via the metroblogging seattle pool [#]. dive in!
  • holy awesomeness! buy $20 worth of anything at I Heart Rummage, get free brunch at the Croc. [seattlest]
  • former fraternity member responds to former fraternity member’s “indie vs. frat” article[soundonthesound]
  • service journalism: a U.S. Attorney scandal primer by request [defectiveyeti]
  • the scene at the neighborhood rally to fend off big box pet store [westseattleblog]
  • sell your fake looking house by photographing it with a corvette [raincity]
  • Knut is on the cover of Vanity Fair [gridskipper (via slog)] Someone needs to put the Zoo’s tiger cub on the front of a glossy mag before she grows up to find that she wasted all her cuteness on the internet.

thursday agenda: apples, barney

Apples Dots1 Sm
photo by joshua kessler, via apples in stereo
  • After five albumless years, this February brought New Magnetic Wonder from Elephant 6 alumni the Apples in Stereo. Over the course of the long disc grand “main tracks” burst at the seams with acrobatic guitar flourishes, liberal vocoder use, and irresistibly buoyant dance party themes. In between, “link tracks” provide breathers with samples, short musical interludes, and field recordings including Jeff Mangum playing drums and “cow object”. Recording it nearly destroyed Robert Schneider’s computer and he invented an entirely new musical scale based on natural logarithms along the way. [neumos]
  • Tonight is the last night to catch Matthew Barney : No Restraint at the Northwest Film Forum. It chronicles the production of “Drawing Restraint 9”, a film made aboard a working Japanese whaling vessel that includes Bjork and 45,000 pounds of petroleum jelly. Although the interview [#] that Barney did for the Believer’s visual issue are not online, a few selections are available [mcswys]. At 6:30, 8:00, & 9:30 pm [nwff]
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