Jack Frost

As I’ve trudged through the streets of Seattle these last three days I’ve noticed something about the snow. It brings people together. I’ve had more conversations with people on the street in the past few days than I have all year. At first I thought it might be the Christmas spirit but I’ve come to believe that it’s Jack Frost’s doing.

As I slipped and slid up 107th yesterday I spoke with a guy trying to make his way across the street. We both fell numerous times, and it hurt, but the camaraderie of the situation was awesome. We spoke back and forth, giving each other tips for the best way to conquer this bitch of a hill and in the end we both made it to the top. Which is more then I can say for a poor Isuzu spinning it’s tires pointlessly trying to make it up the hill.

Just today on my way to my sketch comedy auditions (that I had to cancel, there was no way I was going to try and get home by bus after 9pm tonight) a man struck up a conversation with me about his trek to Northgate to get the new Superman DVD. He was hiking from 105th and Aurora to the mall, something I do all the time but the weather really made it an impressive feat. Usually I wouldn’t have had such a friendly conversation with someone I didn’t know. We walked together for about a block and then parted ways wishing each other the best.

Things only got better when I stopped at Qdoba to eat. I ordered a quesadilla and the girl had just made one for another customer who misordered or something, so I got that one for 50 percent off. My usual $7.00 meal was like 4 bucks including the drink. Now, I’m home with two days left to find a place to live and move into. The likelihood of this good fortune continuing seems slim. With any luck I wont be living with family in a couple of days. I just hope Jack Frost has a few more good surprises up his sleeve.

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  1. Tamara K Sellman (unregistered) on November 29th, 2006 @ 7:44 am

    It’s not so much the snow as it is the “slow.” When people are forced to slow down, they notice there’s an entire world out there they can’t see in their overscheduled, time-sensitive lives.

    I used to live in Chicago, but the snow seemed to have the opposite effect. People never slowed down, or when they did, it was indoors and away from the world, a coccoon.

    I have to say, I like the friendly, slow-paced snow days of Seattle better!

    TKSellman (“Rhymes With Camera”)

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