Jetty Island Days: Final Days of Summer

I’ve been enjoying Jetty Island all summer long. My trip there last weekend was especially exciting (trip notes after the jump) but we’re getting down to the final few days that the Jetty Island ferry runs. Although the island itself is open all year long (to people who can get there themselves), anyone who doesn’t own some sort of floating implement will be cut off from the island starting September 4. So if you’ve also been enjoying Jetty Island, then on September 3 between 12 and 4, why not go out to the island for their annual Trash Bash and clean up the island? Please, I’m begging you. The weekend before last, we walked past something that looked like either most of a TV or monitor. Not to mention countless bits of broken glass.

My new mate Tyson hams it up for the camera

We were sitting on the western edge of the island on Saturday afternoon enjoying the warm sand between our toes and the afternoon sun on our faces. I was marching up and down the beach photographing anything that moved, and anything that stood still. As soon as I took a break for a snack, one of the kiteboarders racing back and forth in the water leapt onto the sand to say hi.

My new friend Tyson had noticed me running back and forth trying to photograph some of the kiteboarders. He offered to make a couple of passes back and forth in the shallow surf. He explained the wind wasn’t high enough for any fancy jumps, but I was awestruck to be just talking to a kiteboarder. Usually I try and leave them alone to enjoy the day, and just stay out of the way while photographing them, so it was simply awesome to have one of them come over and agree to model for me. How friendly! He encouraged us to go over to visit (the storefront is right next door to the dock on Marine Drive) and pick up some kites of our own, so who knows. Maybe next summer you’ll see me out there.

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