Lake Sammamish

During this ridiculous hellish heat wave I found myself drowning in my own sweat. What better time to go out and search for a new swimming hole, sans body salts! My adventures took me to a far away place called Issaquah where a giant lake called Lake Sammamish offers a respite from death by heat stroke.

We arrive at the large lot which is packed with cars but we have no trouble finding a good place to park. The walk to the waterfront is a short one over a rocky beach. We drop all our stuff on the beach and jump in. The water is warm and we head out into the depths taking up a place to relax on the floating rope buoys.

After we float a while on the surprisingly comfortable make shift water mattress we decide hesitantly to head back in. My girlfriend’s brother knows of a sandbar not too far to the north with less people and a nice soft sand bed to walk on. I finally give in and we all head in that direction.

It isn’t long before I regret spending so much time amongst the ropes to the south. The sandbar is beautiful, soft to walk in and the best part, a huge drop where the water goes from about 5 feet to what very well could be the very center of the earth. A quick jump from neck deep water and the Kracken could quite possibly be just under you.

We decide to have a sand fight and man does it sting to get hit with a handful of wet sand, especially just below the right ear. It has got to be more painful than the left.

We continue to swim and soon the sun is reaching the horizon. I shout to everyone that it’s almost sunset and we gather to watch the red sun disappear like a great white shark after a bloody attack. I can’t quite bring myself to curse the solar giant for the misery it has caused me for days though because it is just too damn pretty.

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  1. The Zero Boss (unregistered) on July 25th, 2006 @ 11:55 pm

    I live a short walk from Redmond’s Idylwood Park, which is on Lake Samm. Idylwood is perfect for families – life guards, lots of beach sprawl, and a large playground for cooler days.

  2. Llyra (unregistered) on July 26th, 2006 @ 9:33 am

    Other favorite swimming holes:

    Wenberg State Park (it’s a bit of a drive north, though). It has these great log booms to play on.

    When it’s REALLY hot and has been so for several days, at least, check out Rattlesnake Lake, off of I-90 near North Bend. Super-clean water, no combustion engines allowed on the lake, but it can be COLD.

    Heart Lake, near Mt. Erie in Anacortes (even more of a drive, but if you’ve been spending the day at Deception Pass, it’s just a hop skip and a jump from there). It’s small, and if you head out past the shallow area, practically empty.

    And on Orcas Island in the San Juans, Cascade Lake can’t be beat. (Tip: If you head down a path behind the tennis courts at Rosario Resort, you can get to a secluded rocky area which is great for picnics and swimming. Plus, there’s a couple of cliffs for jumping off of [ohmygod so scary but FUN]. Just follow the teenagers.)

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