Scenes around town: We’re in a hurry here

Lately at the bus depot in Bellevue, we’ve been having issues with the Things That Are Not Buses parking where the buses are supposed to park. One day, it was an ambulance; another day, a fire engine. This morning, several police cars, with lights flashing, lounged lazily around; one lodged immovably in our bay. Our bus paused uncertainly. Not TWO seconds went by before several people chirped up asking to be let out right here, right now.

There’s a twenty or thirty second window between when our bus arrives and when another (more popular) bus leaves, and half the people from our bus were notorious for sprinting from one to the other.

As soon as the doors opened, a crowd of people hopped out and without a glance, bolted past 4 crackheads (ok, alleged (by me) to be crackheads) in handcuffs occupying some bus benches and surrounded by a circle of policemen. No wondering whether the prisoners caught the bus to come here and be caught? No wondering why they were hanging around a newly built police station outpost? Nope. Get out of our way, we have to get to work now. Catch you on the 4 o’clock news.

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