Final Days

They’re wrong, you know. Sorry isn’t the hardest word, goodbye is. And today I had to say goodbye, to the 18 kids who’ve made this last quarter of teaching at the University of Washington so much fun for me.

Saying goodbye at the end of a quarter is always hard. Although the quarter is only 10 weeks long, you get really attached to the kids that come through the classroom; or at least, I do. This quarter, I spent two days a week in a two hour lecture with the students, as well as another 90-120 minutes alone on Friday. And we had fun. We talked about a wide range of subjects, and manage to tie everything from ancient birth control to American Idol, pop music and improv comedy to the class subject, and all done with a lot of laughter and affection. I’ve read their journals, helped with their midterms, and on Monday, I get to see their projects. One girl will be wearing hers – I can’t wati! (And I hope to snap at least a few photos to share with everyone. I figure y’all might like to see what’s kept me away from my blogging duties here.)

But this was a little harder than most goodbyes. It’s the last time I’ll be teaching at the University of Washington, and the last time I’ll be teaching at all in at least a year. Teaching has, in a large way, become part of how and who I define myself as; letting go isn’t easy. But I managed to stave off tears by going out to The Mix ice cream parlour on The Ave with half my students. We ate and talked and reached into one another’s ice cream cups without bothering to ask, and it was comfortable and warm, and the perfect way to remember everyone.

I doubt any of them will see this – but thanks, Section AA of CHID 270. Y’all were amazing, and made this quarter so very worth it. Thanks for humouring the idea that a fellow undergraduate might have something interesting to say, and for following me down this twisted rabbit hole of a quarter.

For the rest of you – brace yourself. One week, and the University graduates an awful lot of us. Next weekend ought to be a crowded mess of graduates and their guests!

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