Chipotle loves SIFFers

Remember when you’d go to a concert, and they’d tell you to save those ticket stubs, because someday those stubs would be worth something? Well, that day has arrived, according to some SIFFmail I received this afternoon.

Specifically, your SIFF ticket stub (that is to say: film pass, ticket, or ticket stub) is worth a free burrito, at any Puget Sound Chipotle store, Sunday week (that’s June 11th). I do love Chipotle — they started in Denver while I was living there, and when I moved I thought I was bidding them farewell forever, but the next thing you know, the evil McDonalds empire bought them and opened up a store right down the street from me in Bellevue. Which is the only nice thing McDonalds has ever done for me. And since rumors have it that McDonalds will be giving up controlling interest in the Chipotle chain, well, things can only get better.

We already read the article last week in Treehuggers, which reported how Chipotle was all about “food with integrity” (serving up burritos with free range meat, as well as vegetarian-friendly products). Now we can add “loves SIFF” to the list.

No word yet from any of the movie theatres as to whether we’re allowed to bring this “love” in with us, to watch the movie with. I wouldn’t count on it, though.

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