Breaking: Bellevue’s main street closes

From my vantage point high above the city, I have a great view of something I never thought I’d see: Bellevue’s NE 8th Ave, closed in the middle of lunch hour. Of course, the culprit is long gone — one of two bank robbers who tried to rob the bank across the street; but apparently a bag was left behind on the scene that may have held explosives. Whatever it held, the results are clear from up here: a one block closure all the way around the bank, and traffic being forced to detour around to get to and from Bellevue’s lunchtime destinations (the Twin malls (what I’ve taken to calling Bellevue and Lincoln Squares)).

I can already tell you that the buzz on my floor ensures none of us are getting any work done. In fact, if you look up right now, we’ll be waving at you. Wave back.

(Postscript: I know earlier this year, there was a brief newsbyte on TV about there being an average of one bank robbery somewhere in Washington, almost every business day this year so far. I feel like I’m living in astonishing times, considering fewer banks are carrying enough money to be worth robbing, these days.)

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  1. Ryan (unregistered) on May 26th, 2006 @ 1:59 pm

    My building was evacuated which meant we had a 2.5 hour lunch. Lots of excitement for a bunch of suits.

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