Spring has sprung…

So many people are taking pictures of the cherry trees in the Quad that I thought it would be a nice counterpoint to show off some of the ubiquitous daffodils on Capitol Hill. The weather suddenly turned so nice (in spite of a looming layer of clouds), that I decided to walk home from the U District, and I caught these images along the way. They were enough to cheer me up after the sad and frustrating events of last weekend. It’s also a timid little reminder that it’s time to change our clocks forward this Saturday night.

Speaking of daffodils, there’s actually a touching photo on the front page of this morning’s PI (which doesn’t seem to be on their web site) showing a black VW beetle, which is said to have belonged to one of the victims of last weekend’s shooting, covered with daffodils that friends have left behind. Knowing the media in this town, how long is it going to take for someone to publicly chastise people for picking daffodils out of the neighbors’ yards?

Put down the newspaper, shut off the TV, and go outside and enjoy your spring.

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