Grey’s Anatomy 03/19 – Superstition (season 2, episode 21)


She didn’t really just say quiet in an empty ER, did she? Oh.

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy:
Meredith cries, George grows a spine, we get confirmation that Cristina isn’t a morning person, Izzy is our little optimistic ray of sunshine, Meredith begs and George ignores, George has another moment with CutieDoc, Grey discovers that the Chief (Richard) visits her mom, and Denny’s heart is giving out and they need to do surgery.

Back by popular demand, the complete Voice Over, with incredibly cool funky beat in the background. We also get a nice flyby of Seattle, north pulling down to the Space Needle (which as you know, is directly across from Seattle Grace Hospital).

My college campus has a magic statue. It’s a long-standing tradition for students to rub its nose for good luck.

We’re now inside SGH, where a nurse is writing on the surgery board.

My freshman roommate really believed in the statue’s power,

Meredith is scrubbing in for surgery with Addison, who removes her wedding ring and pins it to the front of her scrubs with the world’s largest safety pin, right where Meredith won’t be able to miss it. She even pats on it. What a bitch.

…and insisted on visiting it to rub its nose before every exam.

Cut to Burke’s OR, where he’s asking a scrub nurse if she’s sure there are none to be found. There are none to be found.

Studying might have been a better idea; she flunked out her sophomore year. But the fact is, we all have little superstitious things that we do.

Montage scene already! Burke is cracking his neck back and forth, McDreamy declares that it’s a beautiful day to save lives and we should all have fun, Bailey seems to clench her fingers and then tilt her head back, pause, and say okay.

If it’s not believing in magic statues, avoiding sidewalk cracks or always putting our left shoe on first. Knock on wood. Step on a crack, break your mothers back.

A nice gusher pops out of Addison’s patient. Burke’s patient flatlines, McDreamy’s patient has a reaction to anesthesia. Bailey begins to lose her patient, as well. All four doc’s lose their patients, Addison making Grey call it.

The last thing we want to do is offend the gods.

Cut to the locker room. George is complaining about there already being four deaths, and it doesn’t bode well. He asks Cristina for a bite of her protein bar, and she says “no, you’re in my apartment, you don’t get to be in my food.” They continue to bicker over food while Izzy mentions that she talked to the morgue guy this morning, the one with the teeth thing, and he said that surgical fatalities come in 3s and 7s, so there will be 3 more fatalities before the day is over. Cristina doesn’t buy it, but Izzy thinks that the morgue guy ought to notice these sorts of things.

Grey picks up something George drops – looks like it might have been one of those beanies Ace over at American Idol is making so popular, only in the Seattle wool model – and George snubs her and walks away. She points out the obvious, that George is still ignoring her, and Izzy looks sad while Cristina advises that Meredith ignore him right back. (He’s sulking around the corner, against the wall and looking very pissy.) Meredith shares that McDreamy told her to apologize until George listens; Cristina gets this look on her face, and says “Derek says?” in that tone. The one you never want to hear a friend use when you’re talking about the guy you like. You know the one I mean. Meredith does what we all do when we hear that tone, and defends his reasoning and her talking to him.

Alex comes in and pulls Izzy aside (who is now eating an apple – one wonders if this is considered product placement). He wants to know if she snuck out last night, as he takes her apple, and she admits that she did because she couldn’t sleep. It’s not a terribly convincing lie.

Bailey swings through the doors and tells ’em to come on. Meredith asks where, finds out the ER, and George follows up with why. Seems the Nazi believes that since they’ve all had deaths, going to the ER to save lives will be a good idea. I’m sure the ER interns and residents love having surgical come down to poach their patients! En route to the ER, they swing by Addison, who pulls Bailey aside and gives her what looks like a tall hot chocolate. It’s apparently a ritual they had in New York; apparently it’s juju to drink the hot chocolate after a death. (At least, that’s the impression I got from her explanation.) Bailey, of course, asks what we’re all wondering: cocoa equals juju how? Apparently we shouldn’t question the juju. She tells them to carry on, and they do, but she grabs Meredith and very awkwardly thanks her for her help this morning, and offers her juju. Meredith looks as baffled as we are, but thanks her and takes the juju.

The camera rotates just a bit, and we see McDreamy in the background looking a touch puzzled. Meredith walks off, and Addison looks happy with herself. Her husband comes up to her and says “you juju’d Meredith.” It’s a statement laced with question, and he looks very baffled. Addison says it’s in the spirit of friendship, and explains that whole proxy friendship of where if you’re married to someone you automatically include their friends as yours. Derek thinks this is very big of her, and she shouldn’t feel like she should have to do that, since it’s not like he’s going to be friends with, say, Mark (McSteamy). Oooh, he’s bitter. Of course, he’s trying to make things work with a woman he doesn’t love, so… Addison recovers and says she’s not going to be friends with McSteamy either, and that Derek should finish his juju before someone else dies.

Meredith walks through a door and by a trash can. And into the trash can goes her untouched cup’o’juju. Do you think this is supposed to be foreshadowing?

We cut to Burke walking around a corner on his cell phone, talking about bright patterns with musical notes, and that they were sent out last night. He pauses to look at the board, which seems to have the four deaths erased and nothing else. Or at least, there are four holes. It appears that Burke is out of his rather signature scrub caps, which are his juju. A nurse walks in and clears the board of another elective surgery. The Chief, already having commented on the swirling rumours of fatality clusters, is not amused, and wants to know how many (three). Burke, at a moment of losing his cool, says “because I prefer my own caps!” The Chief thinks Burke is talking to him, and says he won’t tolerate surgeons moving elective surgeries based on superstition. Burke looks shocked and moves his phone (is that a RAZR? I think it is…) and says he wasn’t doing that! He goes back to trying to find his surgical caps, and the Chief orders no more surgical cancellations unless he approves them.

We cut to the ER, which is empty. Cristina spins around complaining about the lack of guts, blood, gore, and then does the unthinkable. She says it’s dead quiet. “Did you really just say that?” Bailey questions. She’s astonished enough that there’s not even attitude, just incredulity, in the asking. Cristina can’t believe that everyone believes that just because she said it was quiet,…

Predictably, the ER doors slam open and two women walk in, hunched over – the first appears to be spitting blood, and the younger is, of course, crying for help. George gets dispatched to take care of that, and suddenly beepers go off like, uh, beepers going off. Alex and Izzy run off to see why they’re being called to Denny’s bedside, and a nurse spins around to alert the rest that there are two incoming to the ER. (Where are the ER interns and residents in all this? I see nurses…) Bailey glares at Cristina, and we meet our final two patients of the show: the first was in a car accident, and his head spiderglassed the windshield. We get to watch him making counting motions with his fingers, which at first I took to be him ticking off that Yang covered everything needing to be done, assuming he was a doc or somesuch. Missed that one… he was counting the siren loops. Oh, pairing Cristina with an OCD patient ought to be entertaining!

The second patient was struck by lightning! And she’s happy about it! Cristina asks if anyone can spell coincidence.

All this before the title card!

We cut back to the show, with credits running in the bottom right. The woman struck by lightning is talking about how her horoscope told her to stay close to home today, and she really, really should have stayed in bed. She’s laughing, and wry, and perky, and Grey is going over her, and Bailey is puzzled. Because when lightning goes through the body, it’s much like a bullet, in that there is an entrance and exit wound. Unlike bullets, though, lightning can’t become trapped in a body – it always runs to ground. Miss Struck by lightning, who’s apparently named Nikki, says she wasn’t struck struck, just apparently kind of struck. Because the tree was struck, and it fell on her. “A tree fell on you?” Grey asks, incredulously. Bailey is so struck by the dumb she can’t say anything.

“Well, a large branch…” says Nikki. Grey moves to the other side of the bed, and Bailey does what I feel like doing sometimes when grading papers: she scribbes all over the chart she’d been writing up, and crumples it away. “Same difference!” claims Nikki.

Bailey has gotten over the dumb, and moved to really irritated. “No, actually, medically it isn’t the same difference, and it would be helpful if, from now on, you told us the whole truth.” Nikki asks if Bailey really wants to know the truth, and says that her boyfriend loves that tree and is totally going to freak out. She laughs, and doesn’t seem much bothered by the fact that she’s got two women examining her who’re rather pissed.

We cut to George finding the Chief near the surgical board, saying that an Olive Warner is asking for him down in admitting. The name rings no bell for Dr. Webber (yes, I actually finally broke down and looked up the Chief’s last name). George describes the woman (50s, blonde hair) and says that she claims to have known the Chief about 20 years. He blinks a few times and asks “Ollie? Are you talking about Ollie?” George wears a ‘well yeah, isn’t that what I just said’ expression. George gives her history, and the Chief walks down the hall, taking the case from O’Malley. Soft piano music plays in the background, so we know this is supposed to be important. She greets him, “Hi Richard. It’s good to see you.”


Izzy is not happy with Alex.

We switch to the next plotline, which is Alex and Izzy in Denny’s room. Alex is describing the physical problems while poking at the computer, and Izzy is looking very unhappy as she listens to Denny’s lungs. Izzy asks how bad the pain is, and Denny says it’s a 5 or 6 when he breathes. Alex translates this for the rest of us as a 7 or 8 “when you’re not trying to impress your doctor.” Again, Alex? Not so much with the smart. Denny repeats the fatality cluster rumour, and clearly states wanting to avoid the OR. Alex and Izzy share a look that Denny doesn’t like, and Izzy explains that they need to talk to Burke. And Alex doesn’t look at all thrilled about how close Izzy is on the bed with Denny.

Meredith pulls her gurney with Nikki into the elevator, which is already occupied by Cristina and her OCD patient. Meredith tells Cristina that the She-Shepherd (clever) hot chocolated her, “it’s her juju.” Cristina? Doesn’t like people who say juju. So of course, Nikki points out that she says juju, and OCD guy immediately starts chanting. Meredith confesses to Cristina that she didn’t drink the juju. Nikki weighs in, believing that you’re not obligated to honour someone else’s juju. I’m glad she feels this way, since it becomes pertinent a bit later,… Cristina counters with “I thought you were being friends.”

“I am. Does this mean I have to be friends with her, too?”

Nikki doesn’t think so, but Cristina isn’t so convinced. The elevator dings, conversation time is over, and as Grey moves her gurney loaded with Nikki out, she tells Cristina that she’ll call psych. “That’d be great. Thanks.”

Scene switch, to really badly bruised legs, and a sickening snapping noise and shriek. The camera rotates and pans up, and it’s CutieDoc, whose name I actually catch this episode – Dr. Torres. She is an orthopedic surgeon, and she’s setting Nikki’s broken leg. Nikki repeats her mantra of should have never gotten out of bed.

George bounces into the room, and Dr. Torres tells him that he missed the boat. He’s a touch confused – on the case? She clarifies that when a hot chick gives you her number, you’re supposed to call. (Nikki continues peanut gallerying, and agrees.) Are we only 10 minutes into this episode? My hands swear it’s been much longer… Nikki tells him not to give up, if he really likes her. Meredith walks in, and George bumbles around and leaves. “The plot thickens,” Nikki comments, catching the looks.

But Dr. Torres has other things on her mind. She’s concerned about the bruising pattern on Nikki’s legs (and really, I would be, too – be thankful I’m not showing you more), and doesn’t outright ask about domestic violence, but Nikki gets the hint. She reassures everyone that no, no, her boyfriend is really sweet and he’d never hit her. Dr. Torres remains neutral, simply commenting that it doesn’t look like the kind of bruising that happens from a tree branch hitting someone. “…okay, you guys are going to think I’m really weird, but… I was sort of up in the tree.” Seems Nikki opted to climb a tree during one of those rare Seattle thunderstorms, and the lightning hit the tree, the branch broke, it was the branch she was on, she fell, and now she’s in the ER.

…erhm. Why was she in the tree? Seems she was checking to see if her boyfriend was home, and he has a kind of psycho barking dog, sooo… Spideysense is definitely tingling. All is not what it seems, I am convinced! Is she weird? Is she weird? YES! I mean, our kind doctors tell her no. And of course, the boy wasn’t even home. I’m still convinced something fishy is going on.

We cut to the main lobby (or at least the main lobby we always see) of SGH, McDreamy eating a granola bar and looking like he’s headed somewhere. Cristina grabs him and begins describing her OCD patient. McDreamy verifies psych was called and asks to be notified when a CT is had. They part, but the camera stays focused on the stairs, and we see Preston walking downstairs. He comes up on Cristina, who tells him she’s sorry to hear about the valve replacement death. He says thanks, and comments on needing his lucky caps. She dismisses this (in line with her hardcore atheism), saying that the guy didn’t guy because Burke wasn’t wearing one of his caps. “I know that,” he says, but explains that it’s a comfort thing. Cristina gets it – she’d prefer to have George out of the apartment, it’s a comfort thing.

“What are you saying?” Burke asks. Cristina very sweetly “remembers” that she has one of Burke’s caps in her locker! She decides she’s going to keep it hostage, but s’ll give it back to him…if he gets kicks George out. Burke does not like compromises, but Cristina suggest he think of it as more of a…trade.

Still staying in the lobby, the scene changes as Cristina gets in the elevator and Burke stands there looking more amused than anything else (save perhaps a touch of affection in the amusement). George walks by, asking if Dr. Burke needs any help, as he has free time. “Actually I do…” says Burke, pulling George into an elevator. And then Burke assigns George to get his cap back.

Ding! The elevator doors close, and we switch to the Chief walking into patient-Ollie’s room. He asks Ollie’s daughter if she’d mind giving them a moment alone, which is never a good sign. Seems her daughter is six months sober, and Ollie is very proud. Ollie is also on the transplant list; she has cirrhosis and needs a new liver. Ollie wants to know if it can be treated surgically…it might be possible, but whatever is done, it’s merely a stopgap: she needs a new liver.

Ollie says that he looks scared. “I am scared, Ollie.” The music shifts, and Ollie says “I haven’t seen you at a meeting in a while.” A meeting? Huh? PTA? Meeting? He knows he hasn’t been, and she wants to know how he’s been doing. “We were talking about you…” “And now I’m asking about you.”

Richard sits down, and explains that Meredith is working at the hospital, Ellis is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, and he’s been visiting Ellis ever chance he gets. Ollie looks incredulous! “You’re having an affair with a woman who drove you to the depths of your alcoholic bottom?” WHAT? Alcoholic? Hello character development!

While I blink and shake my head at this new development, Richard denies having an affair and says Ellis is sick. Ollie wants to know if he’s lying to his wife, and he denies that, too. Ollie says he’s lying by omission and is having an emotional affair, and he’s lying to his sponsor now! She was his sponsor for AA, and he’s treating her now? Uhm, that’s a bit on the ethics violatio-oh, okay, he says she hasn’t been his sponsor in years. Apparently, though, Ollie feels it gives her the right to yank his ass back in line should he fall out, and she feels like he’s falling out. (As a non-snarky aside, I really love the musical choice they made for this scene. It’s Anna Nalick’s “Catalyst”.) Ollie asks how many years he’s got now, and he says it’s been just past 17. Ollie is proud, and she’s scared [about her illness], too.

“You got me sober, Ollie. You walked me through it. And I’m gonna walk you through this.”

We fade to black, and come back a bit later to George rifling through Cristina’s very messy locker. Hey, if you go searching through a girls locker, you shouldn’ t be surprised to find a girls pair of underwear! Of course, that he’s holding her underwear when she walks into the locker room really doesn’t help matters much,… George offers to do her dishes, her laundry, for a month, but she doesn’t do either. “Maybe that’s why Burke likes having me around!” George retorts. “Innnteresting. Interesting. Are you having sex with him?” “…no.” “Then he likes having me around more.”

Why oh why, George wonders, does it always have to be a competition? He wants to know what she wants for the cap. “You out of the apartment.” George says he’s not leaving til Burke says he has to, and Cristina walks off, telling him that he’s not getting the cap, and to clean up her locker.

“No.” Says George. George said no? George got a spine implant? Guess that’s what happens when you finally sleep with the lady you’ve been lusting after for a year, and you finally get it through your head that she’s a mess and isn’t interested in you. Maybe George should be thanking Meredith…but I digress.

Bailey and Grey are looking at someone’s spleen. Ah, it’s Nikki’s. Bailey wonders how that much spleen damage could happen from a branch falling on her, and Meredith corrects her – she was climbing the tree. “Why?” Bailey asks in that ever-so-pointed way. Grey’s getting the feeling that Nikki is sort of stalking someone. But she’s a gentle stalking sort, not the kind where the cops need to be called. If anyone ever says that to me, or hears me say that, please to be smacking me until I come to my senses.

“Hey you don’t believe in that seven fatality thing, do you?” Bailey turns into the Nazi (it’s like turning into the Hulk, but with less green) and tells her she believes the spleen needs to be removed, go get her labs, break the bad news! You can hear the exclamation points in her voice.

We scene shift to Denny laying on his side, looking at Izzy. Denny asks if she likes horses, and she says everyone does. He says this isn’t true, and Alex (of course Alex is there) talks about his uncle who was a rodeo cowboy. Seeing how badly Alex is losing this battle just hurts to watch, both because of the stupid things he’s doing, and because in a lot of ways, Alex is slightly more tragic than Grey. Burke breaks the bad news that he can’t get the clot with the catheter, and that they’re going to have to open his chest again.

We move to the fabulous, roomy MRI machine that is nothing like the photon torpedo tube I get shoved in every few months, and Grey wheels in the OCD patient, who’s talking to the psych consult. Apparently he has lived with this problem all his life, but lately it’s been getting worse. A lot worse. Seems he was counting the pedestrian signal and couldn’t turn until he’d counted to a certain number. And someone else hit him, for which he really couldn’t blame them, but he was paralyzed – actually unable to act until the compulsion had been filled. This is a really severe case of OCD. He needs Cristina to tell him that the MRI bed is clean. Clean, clean, clean. And he can’t move until she says it.

George watches this all from the window. Thankfully, he has the sense to wait until the patient is laying down and unable to see him before he starts smooshing his face against the glass. His behaviour actually has the psych doc wondering if everything was “okay, with that?” Cristina advises ignoring him.


Don’t feel too sorry for Addison.

We scene shift again, looks like we’re near the nurses station on a higher floor. McDreamy and Meredith run into one another, exchanging hellos and smiles and all that irritating sparks’n’chemistry shit. Of course, the elevator dings open and Addison gets out, to make things even more fun! Before Meredith can say anything else, Addison walks up and says hello. Meredith pauses, says hello, and then that she has something, and walks off. Derek has something, too, and he leaves, leaving Addison standing there, watching the two of them walk off in opposite directions. She looks a bit frustrated, a bit sad. And I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking that they’ve done such a good job with her, such a nice job with her. But I know something you don’t know. I know that she’s still keeping a secret from Derek, about her affair with McSteamy. And I bet that whatever this secret is, it’ll be the undoing of the marriage, and it’ll ruin any sympathy points she’s earned up til now. You just wait and watch!

The Chief is back with Ollie, and explains that the surgery she had last month didn’t work, and he’s going to have to do a surgical procedure that only has a 50% survival rate (some sort of shunt, although I can’t make out what he’s saying). Ollie wants to know what her other options are, and from his expression you can tell that it’s one: death. “Okay then,…” She wants to make sure that Dr. Webber will be the one performing the surgery. He tells her he’s done it 9 times, and only 4 of them have survived. “It’s perfect then, I’ll be your five out of ten.”

Bailey and Meredith walk back into Nikki’s room, and Nikki immediately declares that she is not having surgery today. Bailey begins with “You have a ruptured spleen-” and Nikki cuts her off. “I’m sure the spleen is very important, but I am not having surgery today! You can operate after midnight, but not one minute before!”

Bailey would love to wait til after midnight! But her husband and baby at home wouldn’t be happy, and do you know who else wouldn’t be happy? Nikki! Because she’d be dead. And dead people are not happy people. At least not by any measure that we can tell. “Your spleen is bleeding! Spleen trumps horoscope!” And once again, Bailey gets the best line of the episode.

And now Alex does the most major screwup he can possibly do. I’m just going to transcribe this one verbatim, so that no one can say that no, no, I’m just egzagerating.

“Izzy paints a pretty picture because she likes you, you know.”
“I’m just saying, she likes you. Which is going to be hard on her.”
“You mean, when I die. C’mon, I’m asking you. Man to man.”
“With a clot in your pulmonary artery, it’ll block off the oxygen and you’ll die of hypoxia. If the hypoxia doesn’t kill you, the strain on your heart will.” (Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Alex is being sweet, noble, chivalrous, because he’s talking Denny into a surgery Denny doesn’t want. I know you’re thinking this because I was, too. Oh just keep reading…)
“And the surgery?”
“It’s not a routine procedure. And you’re a serious risk for bleeding because of the anticoagulents already in your system. What I’m saying is, Izzy likes you, and she’s not gonna be the one to pull away.”

Oooh. Alex. Alex, Alex, Alex. Why’d you have to go do something that’s going to blow up so badly in your face?

Leaving Alex and his impending doom, we cut to the courtyard, where Meredith and Cristina are eating, along with a lot of extras. They’re trading crazy patient stories when George sits down. And then it becomes clear Cristina was trying to use Meredith as a way to get George to stay away, a George repellent, if you will. But George isn’t taking it; Burke’s orders trump any personal feelings he has! George whips out a homemade sandwich and starts chowing down, and Meredith sweetly asks if the crazy is rubbing off on George, now. Cristina explains about the cap juju. Meredith is kinda surprised about the hostage thing, but Cristina justifies herself, in part letting George illustrate it with his bad table manners. (What’s he eating? A spaghetti sandwich?)

Perky Izzy in denial about lots of stuff sits down, wanting to make sure everyone knows that this whole death cluster thing is just silly. Maybe to emphasize her feminine side today, the wardrobe has her in a soft pink jacket. Have we seen this jacket before? I don’t remember this jacket… Cristina calls her tinkerbell, and Meredith wants to know if she’s worried about Denny. And Izzy does that really poor justification thing, kind of like the poor justifying Meredith was doing earlier. George continues to show horrific table manners.

Back to the OCD patient, McDreamy explains about needing to remove part of the skullcap to get to the affected part of the brain, while Cristina (suddenly off of lunch) listens to his chest sounds. The OCD patients, not McDreamy’s. I think a lot of people’d be upset if it was McDreamy’s. Is the operating room clean, clean, clean? Why yes! The operating room is clean, clean, clean!

Now Cristina and the patient (and look, George, who was out of our line of sight til now!) get to have a heart to heart. He starts clicking the light off and on, and Cristina asks him to stop it. He can’t. He’s sorry, he wishes he could, but he can’t. She makes a face and moves out of the way (revealing George), and the OCD patient says “she’s judging me.” “No she’s not,” George tries to reassure.

“Yes, she is. I’ve been living with this for three years, and it’s always the people most likely who judge me the most.” He points out that Type A, straight A student Cristina just managed to channel her compulsions in a positive manner. “It’s time to go,” she says. He’s not done, but she doesn’t care. George asks how many he has left.


“Let him finish.” George has his hands folded serenely in front of him, and it’s obvious he’s not going to take no for an answer. Who is this new George? Cristina walks out, followed by George.

The Chief walks by Ollie’s room, where there are a bunch of people standing around the bed holding hands. He pauses, then continues on. Ollie’s daughter comes out and tells him to come in, that he needs a meeting. “Not now. Not here.” The Chief replies. “Yeah, expect she said to tell you not to protect your anonymity over your sobriety.”

Richard goes to the meeting.

Denny is in the hall, being moved to the OR. Izzy comes to see how he’s doing, and he asks her for a favour. He tells her where his will is, and asks that she make sure it get to the right hands. She wants to know why he’s talking about his will, and he says “we have to be realistic Dr. Stevens.” Oooh, ouch, reverting to formal address. And she feels it, too. “Dr. Stevens?” She asks. “We got to be realistic, and if you can’t, I can.” She tells him he’s not going to die, and he can’t go into surgery thinking he’s going to die. Technically, she’s kind of right – studies have shown that your mindset before a surgical procedure does help to predict the outcome of said procedure.

Cristina rushes into the women’s bathroom, George hot on her heels. “Do you want me to pee in front of you?” she confronts him. He thinks she has it on her, and walks all the way into the restroom, saying just that. She wants to know if Bambi is going to take it from her, and soon they start wrestling. George grabs her from behind and pins her against the counter, reaching his hand under her scrubs…right as the toilet flushes and CutieDoc walks out of the stall. Oooh, this doesn’t look good and George knows it. (Especially since Cristina is saying “ouch that’s my breast that’s my breast that’s my breast!”

Dr. Torres (whose first name is Callie, so I can call Dr. C and it can be for Dr. Callie *or* CutieDoc!) doesn’t even blink. She washes her hands (not the amount of time recommeded!), dries them, and asks if Dr. O’Malley is aware that this is a woman’s restroom. The look she gives Yang is… not welcoming. George says “yes ma’am” and once Dr. Torres has gone, Cristina tells him “Dude, you called her ma’am. She’s never gonna sleep with you now.”

But George gets revenge, although he doesn’t realize it. He bumps into Izzy, one presumes a few seconds later, and wants to know if she’s seen Burke. She tells George that Burke is on the phone with the laundry, and they still can’t find his scrub cap. “That’s what I got to tell him! Cristina still won’t give hers back…unless I’m ready to hit a woman. And even though it’s Cristina, I’m not ready to cross that line.”

Izzy’s face transforms. Really, I have no way of capturing a good image of it (and I tried, dear readers, I tried). But Izzy is not nice Izzy anymore. Izzy is something akin to fury in a woman’s body. Izzy, who doesn’t believe in juju, is on a hunt. A Cristina hunt.


Izzy threatens Cristina.

Izzy walks up on Cristina, grabs her roughly by the arm, and pulls her into the nearest office. “Ah, you’re touching me!” Cristina protests.
“George says you have Burke’s scrub cap.”
“Give it to him.”
“Give it to him Cristina.”
“What is with you?”
“He needs it to operate.”
“No he doesn’t!” Cristina gets irritated, and moves to leave. And that’s when Izzy gets a little more scary. She puts her hand on Cristina’s shoulder, and doesn’t let her by.
“That isn’t your decision to make!” Izzy shoves Cristina against the bookcases. “Not when he’s going in on Denny. Now are you going to give it to him, or am I going to physically take it from you?”
“Are you threatening me?” Cristina almost busts out laughing.
“I swear to god, Cristina, I like you, I really do, but I grew up in a trailer park, and I am not above kicking your pampered little Beverly Hills ass. And I do mean physically kicking your ass.” As she has said this, she’s moved closer and closer to Cristina, until she’s done, and she’s basically body to body against Cristina, Cristina very firmly pinned against the bookshelves.

Cristina gives.

We know this, because we cut to a scene of the two of them walking out across that walkway next to the fabulous windows (which I’m looking at right now, and trying to figure out what drugs the folks making this show are on – there’s no way the hospital sits anywhere near where it’s been show to be located, and have a picturesque view of trees and Queen Anne style single-family homes out the window! Aaah… the mountains give it away, for those are California mountains, not Seattle mountains), towards Burke, who’s at the other end of the walkway. Cristina drops a bright orange scrub cap in his hands. “Thank you,” Burke says. “How long have you had this. It’s one of my favourites.”

“You don’t need it. I keep that cap in my locker; every morning I look at it and I am reminded of why I want to be here and what I want to be: to be a great surgeon. A surgeon who is decisive and who executes and who doesn’t need a piece of clothing to give him an edge in surgery. You don’t need it.”

“I know,” he says. “You’re right.” “I know I’m right.” She says as she walks off. But the minute her back is turned, Burke puts the scrub cap on with a flourish. George walks by, gets praise and is baffled, and told they should go scrub in.

We make our way back to Nikki, who wants to know how she’s doing. She also wants to know if Meredith called her boyfriend. Meredith did, and he said that he hasn’t been Nikki’s boyfriend in a while. Aah, my Spideysenses were right (as, apparently, were Grey’s). When Nikki hears this, she breaks down and starts crying.

Next we switch to Denny, already knocked out in surgery. Alex is getting ready to scrub in, and Izzy storms in, looking for blood. “What did you say to him,” she just about hisses. Alex bluffs, and Izzy calls him on it, wanting to know why Denny thinks he’s dying. Alex pulls logic, how dare he! “Just so we’re clear, we’re over, Alex. This is over.”

“You’re breaking up with me over a corpse!”

“NO! No, I am breaking up with you because on your very best day that corpse is twice the man you will ever be. You’re not good enough for me, Alex. You’re not good enough for anyone.” And my friend Michael cheers, and I boo and hiss and my already growing dislike of Izzy blooms into full on don’t like her at all-ness. Burke walks into the middle of this exchange, and very abruptly tells them that they are not scrubbing in, he doesn’t want their negative energies anywhere near his operating room. Izzy somehow thinks this only means Alex, until Burke makes it very clear he means her, too.

Oh, the fall-out from this is going to be messy.

The OCD patient is put to sleep before he can finish his compulsions. We cut to a montage: the city, from the same angle as earlier, the operating room board…aah. We’re repeating the opening scene, in slightly different order. We go to Derek, who says that it’s a beautiful afternoon to save lives, people, let’s have some fun (and the music is turned on). Burke snaps his gloves and neck, and the Chief and Bailey (who tilts her head and flexes her hands) begin their surgery. But Grey sticks her head in to interrupt; Nikki’s bleeding out. They need to get her to the OR, but she once again reiterates that she does not want surgery. Bailey looks at Meredith; there’s nothing they can do, as autonomy trumps paternalism. (Actually, there’s an awful lot they could have done, as the patient was exhibiting signs of dissociation from reality, and they could have attempted to argue that a judge should grant someone guardianship in order to operate on her. But that’d involve an ethics committee, and they seem to have forgotten to write ethics into the show…) So Meredith gets down and dirty, and tells Nikki her boyfriend called and wants her to have the surgery. Nikki beams, then has the bad taste to crash. They get busy trying to save her (and what’s this fabulous song? Ah, Google tells me it’s The Fray, “How to Save a Life”), and we fade to commercial.

We return from commercial to see Izzy staring at the board. Webber is continuing his surgery (from the sounds of it, nearing the end) when Ollies pressure starts to drop. We cut to Nikki, paddles on her chest (and we know this is a television show and not a real ICU because her gown is still up over her breasts), Bailey shouting clear. To McDreamy and Cristina, Derek saying he’s missing something. To Denny and Burke; Denny is losing pressure, and they’re losing him. Back to the stairs by the surgery board, where someone else says “I hear they’re dying left and right.” Another surgical intern (guessing by the garb, anyhow) says “see, toldja there’d be seven.”

“Who?” Izzy asks, holding her pendant (it’s a cross, isn’t it?).”Who died?” They don’t know, but bet it was the crazy spleen chick. Alex walks in on the conversation, still obviously very hurt and mad. He bets it’s Denny (“the dude’s a walking timebomb”, and he actually bets $20 on it. He shakes the other intern’s hand, but he’s staring at Izzy.

Grey and Bailey erase Nikki from the board. That makes five. Meredith has heard there’s a number six, but doesn’t know who.

Chief Webber walks around the corner, removing his mask. He heads over to the waiting family and friends of Ollie. He looks very tired. She made it through.

We’re back to McDreamy and the OCD patient. McDreamy is walking away, and we can hear the flatline in the background over the music (this music, btw, is fabulous, but I couldn’t figure out who it was – ideas?). The closing voiceover starts: Superstitution lies in the space we can control… We pan to Izzy, leaning against the wall, crying. …and what we can’t. The camera sits on her, crying. “So, I wasn’t one of the 7…” Denny says. Izzy dries her eyes. There were only dix deaths that day. He wants to know why she’s crying, she says she’s not, then swears – she can’t fall for a patient. “Okay, good luck with that,” he smiles. And she leans over to kiss him. Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have good luck.

George walks into the locker room, sees Meredith, and shakes his head. But he still goes over to his locker. Alex says “O’Malley, you are a sad excuse for a man…. you’re like a whiny little girl… you got laid, it went badly, a man would move on. But you mope around this place like a dog that likes to be kicked. It makes me sick! And if it wouldn’t get me thrown out of the program, I’d smash your pathetic little face right into that locker.” Cristina winces, Alex slams his locker and storms out.

No one wants to pass up a chance for good luck. But does saying it 33 times really help? Is anyone really listening?

Cristina leaves the hospital, buttoning up her jacket. Appears it was raining again in “Seattle”. Burke catches up with her, and tells her that if he feels that strongly about O’Malley, he’ll ask him to leave tonight. “No, don’t…” “I thought you wanted him out?” “I do, but…not tonight.” Burke gives her his scrub cap back. She smiles, and puts her arm around him as they go home.

And if no one is listening, why do we bother doing those strange things at all?

We’re back in the hospital, with Dr. Torres. She walks away from a patient, to a computer, and George is standing there. “Hi,” he says. “I didn’t call, I should have called…” she walks away from him.


Dr. Callie Torres

But George! George! I am so impressed! George gets out his cell phone and calls her. She answers. “Hi, this is George O’Malley calling. You gave me your phone number. I know I should have called sooner, but I’m calling now and I just want to know, maybe if you want to go out with me some time? Because I love to watch you set bones, and I, oh, don’t really spend that much time in the women’s restroom, and I really like you, so… Is that a yes?” She nods.

We rely on superstitions because we’re smart enough to know we don’t have all of the answers.

Addison is leaving the hospital, passing Grey. She has two cups of juju, and tells Grey that she is sorry to hear about her patient, as she hands her one of the cups. “Thank you, Addison.” Grey actually says it without sounding wary, or guarded, or anything other than simply a person saying thank you to a colleague after a long, hard day. I’m impressed.

And, that life works in mysterious ways.

Addison walks to the other corner of the desk and hands Derek the other cup of juju. He takes a deep sip, gives it to her, and she continues drinking it. She walks by him and he hands his charts off, then looks up and makes eye contact with Meredith. And continues holding the eye contact as he walks away, until if he doesn’t look forward he’ll hit something. Addison misses the exchange…

Grey takes a sip of the hot chocolate, then drops it in the trash can.

Don’t diss the juju, from wherever it comes.

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  1. Judy (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2006 @ 7:19 pm

    Was it just me, or did Meredith’s hair look really good in this episode?

  2. josh (unregistered) on March 23rd, 2006 @ 1:52 am

    I wonder if this episode was intended to make their overall season case-fatality rate seem a little bit more realistic.

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