My Brother is Bigger than Your Brother:

In a classic example of band-aid legislature, the City Council has proposed placing restriction on alcohol sales downtown and in the U-Disctrict in an attempt to curb public inebriation. Seattle has a funny way of dealing with social issues; rather than enforcing existing laws, the city likes to create new ones to try and solve the problem with the least effort possible…

Does anyone really think that restricting sales of alcohol is going to curb people walking around town drunk? Wouldn’t people just stock up on liquor when it was available and continue to stagger merrily down the Ave after hours? Has the City of Seattle actually considered enforcing the laws in place or perhaps increasing penalties for being a public nuisance and embarrassing eyesore?

If you have anything you’d like to say on the matter, I recommend attending the Public Hearing on this matter next Tuesday at 9:30am at the City Council Chambers (400 6th Avenue between Cherry and James Streets). Your influence in the city isn’t just at the polls, people!

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