Scenes Around Town: Meanwhile, at the mall…

The husband is a stay-at-home sort, so I left him at home with a bowl of candy. Those poor little kiddies walking around in the pouring rain: the very least we could do was to be home and give them candy for all their pains. As I pulled out onto the road I could see small groups of people walking around decked out in raincoats and umbrellas. I guess we all dressed up as the same thing this year: drowned Seattlites.

Meanwhile, I headed off to the mall. This year, and I suppose, every year, both the Bellevue Square and the Crossroads Mall (my two closest and therefore most favoritest malls) stock up on candy in order to offer the parents a safe and well-lit place to go trick-or-treating. Because of all the cold weather and rain, the little tykes were out in force tonight, and I would say the crowd clogging up the corridors was exactly as bad as a good christmas shopping day. Upstairs at the food court, a long line waited patiently for a clown to make rude-looking balloon sculptures. Downstairs, a radio station had set up a tent and was playing random music.

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