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As you probably know, this weekend marks the 2005 Rat City Rollegirls Championship Game. It will be an all-out war between the Throttle Rockets and the Derby Liberation Front. You can bet our ladies will be…
What’s that?
You haven’t heard of Seattle’s all-women Roller Derby Teams? You don’t even know what Roller Derbying is??
Oh, my. Let me start over.

Back in the day when margarine first came onto the scene and Mom painted stripes up the back of her legs because there was neither money nor resources for stockings, a surprisingly popular sport known as Roller Debying came to be. Originally an endurance sport, thousands of people would fill stadiums to watch team members trade off circling the rink over and over again until the team completed a total of approximately 57,000 laps (4,000 miles – or the length of the continental US). A large map of the US was available and each teams “location” was mapped out as they went along.
Evidently, even the Depression and a lack of reality TV didn’t make this interesting enough to last in its virginal form. After a tumble on the rink, a suggestion was made to the creator that Debying become a contact sport. And so it was. Now, not only do you have people whizzing around in a circle at high rates of speed and little protection, but you can knock ’em out, drag ’em down, and bite their ears off, too!
Now that’s what I am talkin’ ’bout, Vern!
Debying really peaked in the 60’s according to some accounts, and met an untimely death in 1973. Several attempts have been made to revive this lost art of endurance, strategy, and tenacity, but nothing successful has lasted. Here in Seattle, we get our own taste of history with an ultra-modern, grunge-girl edge.

Head down to Magnusen Park this Saturday evening for the biggest game of this season. It’ll be your last chance in 2005 to watch Seattle’s toughest women – in short skirts and helmets, no less – have the burliest, baddest brawl this side of Kent!

(for more details on how the game is played, visit or click here.)

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  1. samantha (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 12:16 pm

    We were both posting a RCRG post at the same time! But yours is better so I deleted mine. I would like to warn everyone, though, that the match is pretty likely to sell out, so I’d advise buying tickets in advance.

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