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we’re in the money!

bling_04012005.jpgOh to be Greg Nickels. A budget surplus, only minor opposition, and a popular public transit program (nearly) crushed beneath his mighty heel — all in an election year. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s likely that Seattle’s budget will be unexpectedly flush with cash this year. Naturally, everyone has an opinion about how to spend the surplus:

Thanks to the improving economy, the city now expects to collect $55 million more than analysts had predicted . . . Nickels wants to spend the windfall hiring police and firefighters, constructing new sidewalks and paving streets, funding a hygiene center for the homeless and offering a minor tax break for small businesses. [seattletimes]

While this plan has the ring of sensibility — it’s certainly better than hearing about Nickels rolling around in a pile of money in his office — it seems that everyone with an editorial page has opinions about what to do the extra cash.

What do you think? What should be tops on this year’s fifty-five million dollar spending spree?

naked in the park with stu

a vision of things to come. Louise Bourgeois’s Father and Son

Dead Safeco executive Stu Smailes will get his last wish. Thanks to his will and the one million dollars he left the city, we now know the going rate for looking at a naked man in Seattle. Per the stipulation of the bequest, Stu’s ghost will be able to troll the Olympic Sculpture park, spending his eternity gazing upon Seattle’s first classical male nude sculpture. [king5]

Guess it’s more reliable than waiting around for the naked cyclists to make their once-a-year appearance in the Solstice parade.

Irony is

Irony is going away for a week to a tropical paradise to spend the entire time under grey skies and being rained on and blown around, only to return to Seattle and a completely clear blue sky.

I can’t even begin to articulate how good it is to be home. I’ve been spending the morning going around the house and kissing things, like my hot water heater tank. Our stash of coffee beans. My little wifi box.

Later on today, I’ll be heading over to Wibbleys to kiss the head cook.

daily show hearts pacific northwest?

It’s beginning to seem like the Daily Show should have a dedicated Pacific Northwest correspondent. Last week, they featured the bumvertising story that embarrassed us all this August [#]. On Monday, “This Week In God” weirdly echoed the Stranger’s post-Katrina “Who’s To Blame” [#] look at the weather spin game, and tonight’s show included a piece about the urine bomb controversy [mb] that rocked our state this summer.

This kind of attention is almost like validation. Why should the backwoods yokels get all of the time in the spotlight?

As usual, video clips show up on the internet tomorrow around noon for those bright enough not to be suckered into a co-dependent relationship with cable television. [comdedycentral]

Sharing the road

During my walk home from the office today I watched a car/bike altercation. This happens a few times a month–a car will slow down next to a bike rider long enough to yell, “Get on the sidewalk!” and then speed back up. The person on the bike will then usually look around to see if anyone else has noticed, shrug, and continue down the street.
Ok, so I haven’t been on a bicycle in at least ten years. But isn’t this supposed to be a bike friendly city? Does anyone else see this happening all the time, or is it an afternoon on Eastlake sort of thing?

Return of the Root Vegetables


Although summer brings a great bounty of fruits and vegetables, I have to admit that I always look forward to the root vegetables of the fall — and the wonderful soups that you can make from potatoes, celeriac, carrots, and leeks.

One of the nice things about getting fruits and vegetables delivered from a local produce service like New Roots Organics (see this entry from last November for further information) or Pioneer Organics or from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) like Willie Green’s Organic Farm is that you become more attuned to what’s in season than you might be shopping in the QFC — where pretty much everything is always in season, even if it’s got to be shipped from Peru and embalmed in wax to get there.

reminder : metroblogging seattle happy hour tonight

Hey — today is the fourth Tuesday of the month! We’ll be at the Elysian Brewpub (1221 E Pike St.) at 7 pm and we really want you to join us.
Reports of Elysian having pumpkin ale seems to be confirmed; so RSVP [upcoming] and be there tonight!

Country Coziness on the Eastside

Country Village, just north of Downtown Bothell on Hwy 527, is a delight this time of year. With the crispness in the air and the leaves turning, the atmosphere of this little bundle of shops and cafes scattered off flowered pathways lends a marvellous alternative to the hustle and bustle of most Seattle shopping (to say nothing of Bellevue Square!).
I stopped by for a spontaneous trip to Coffee Tyme, the only espresso cafe I know of that sells Oreos by the cookie instead of the package – at only a dime a cookie to boot!!! Two or three make the perfect accompaniment to a cappuccino when you are feeling just a little naughty.
While I was there, I ambled on over to my favorite soap and candle place, The Trimmed Wick. All candles are soy based, so they burn long and clean but don’t pollute your lungs with nasty petrochemicals. The soaps are non-toxic and all items are made by hand by the store owner. I hadn’t been in since early spring and my nostrils instantly picked up on the new fragrances that had been brought out for summer. My favorites – the Mayan Gold Bar, Dragon’s Tea, and lemongrass. Oh, how I adore the lemongrass!
With fall approaching, a pumpkin scent is being released and the debate over “Twigs and Berries” versus “Cider Spice” wages on at the website. Most scents that are available as soap are also available as a candle or lotion. I am told the owner will make a scent to your specifications if you request it (I’ve been meaning to challenge her with a discontinued perfume I have from ’93).
a sampling of what the Trimmed Wick has for you.

If candles and coffee aren’t your thing, there are antiques, wine tasting, glass-blowing, and a variety of home decor to peruse. Events at the Village are ongoing – this weekend brings with it the tail end of their Farmer’s Market (impressive for Bothell) along with a special Wine and Beer Fest (complete with music and German vittles) at the Courtyard Hall. The cynologist in the family will want to return for the Greyhound show and Adoption Expo on Saturday.
For more information on Country Village and a list of ongoing events throughout the holiday season, visit
Have an Oreo for me!

catch-up reading: monorail, protests, machinists

  • monorail : killing itself to live? Late Friday, the Seattle Monorail Board submitted a ballot proposal to ask the voters if the still really want to have a monorail. The proposed line will be 10.4 miles instead of the original 14, which cuts Ballard out of the picture (although options to extend in the future exist). The P-I has a nice roundup of the last-minute wranglings that went into bringing the project to a fifth vote, as well as maps, a time line, and comments from people in the neighborhoods scheduled to be served by the green line. [pi]
  • maybe they should incorporated “hurricane” into their protest march? Although it was pretty much bumped out of the national media by wall-to-wall Hurricane Rita endgame coverage, there were a number of large anti-war protests across the country on Saturday. In addition to Cat’s report of the Seattle scene, the Stranger’s Eli Sanders was in D.C. live-blogging the march from D.C.’s abundant Starbucks wireless hotspots. [slog]
  • clandestine agreements: In more news from the “other Washington” relevant to our region, Boeing’s union machinists and their corporate overlords got together in our nation’s showplace and came to an agreement to tentatively end the three week strike [p-i]

grey’s anatomy recap report : stay another season! (season 2, episode 1)

(image, komotv [#])

Wow! Welcome back to another season of Grey’s Anatomy recaps! This episode starts with an extended previously …montage. Remember last season? [mb] Fun times. Boldly enough, we’re picking up Season 2 just moments after the end of Season One.

The voiceover hasn’t left us: our heroine, tells us what the episode is about. “You have to think like a surgeon” because “emotions are messy.” Like a good doctor, Meredith “Seattle” Grey self medicates with hella shots in a what may or may not be an actual Seattle bar. Despite the brick, xmas lights, and peanut shells, I’m leaning to Fake Seattle Bar. That’s right, MG is back at the bar where the whole “hooking up with her boss” storyline began with joint boss/boyfriend troubles.

Wow, things really have come full circle, haven’t they?

{After the jump, a liveblogesque recap of this week’s episode. The follow up on the Dempsey-Dempsey’s Wife-Meredith cliffhanger finale, Sandra Oh’s pregnancy, as well as a heart-freezing brain-burning story about a lovable bartender, George as a spy, and a poorly developed story about an angry pregnant lady! }

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