Coffee cream at Poulsbo

One of the professions I’ve been dumped into without asking, is acting as unpaid tech support for various friends and family. In some ways, I kind of feel like one of those old time witch-doctors, a high-tech quack if you will, getting paid in chickens or pints of milk. Last week after setting up the short blonde whirlwind’s (SBW) system she paid me back with dinner at the house, after which we walked down the main street in Poulsbo so she could take me to the Magnolia Cafe for dessert.

The Magnolia Cafe boasts the best desserts in town, and I think I’ll reserve judgement on that until I try all the other desserts, but I will say they make a mean creme brulee. That night’s flavor was coffee creme brulee, and it passed all of my tests for creme brulee, even the ones that don’t mean anything. A careful thwack on the top with the back of a spoon proved that the burnt sugar was very thin. It’s not the thinnest I’ve ever had, but it’s the thinnest I’ve had in this country, for sure. The creme tasted like creme, and not like an omlette. It stirred up like creme, which either proved that they didn’t use gelatine to set it up, or that I couldn’t tell. The coffee flavor permeated the whole dessert in a forceful way, saying “hey, this is a COFFEE creme brulee” — yet, the dessert still managed to taste light, not dense. I wished that the husband had come with me, so that it wouldn’t have taken me all afternoon to set up the system, AND so he could tell me whether the coffee was truly any good. Nevermind. It tasted pretty good to me.

When the waitress came back to find out how we were doing, I looked her straight in the eye and told her that this was a very good creme brulee. The SBW chimed in jokingly, “she came all the way from Bellevue for it”. The waitress said that surely there must be good brulee in Bellevue, and earnestly, I assured her that it was not so. Then she told me about how they also make vanilla and caramel flavored creme brulee, so now every time I plan a trip out to Bainbridge Island, I’m going to have to schedule around which flavor I haven’t had yet.

Darn it.

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