grey’s anatomy recap report : stay another season! (season 2, episode 1)

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Wow! Welcome back to another season of Grey’s Anatomy recaps! This episode starts with an extended previously …montage. Remember last season? [mb] Fun times. Boldly enough, we’re picking up Season 2 just moments after the end of Season One.

The voiceover hasn’t left us: our heroine, tells us what the episode is about. “You have to think like a surgeon” because “emotions are messy.” Like a good doctor, Meredith “Seattle” Grey self medicates with hella shots in a what may or may not be an actual Seattle bar. Despite the brick, xmas lights, and peanut shells, I’m leaning to Fake Seattle Bar. That’s right, MG is back at the bar where the whole “hooking up with her boss” storyline began with joint boss/boyfriend troubles.

Wow, things really have come full circle, haven’t they?

{After the jump, a liveblogesque recap of this week’s episode. The follow up on the Dempsey-Dempsey’s Wife-Meredith cliffhanger finale, Sandra Oh’s pregnancy, as well as a heart-freezing brain-burning story about a lovable bartender, George as a spy, and a poorly developed story about an angry pregnant lady! }

Meanwhile, Patrick Dempsey and his wife are continuing their lobby confrontation. For what it’s worth, her name is Addison and she wants to know why her husband is doing in Seattle (besides looking at ferry boats) when he had a life and practice in Manhattan. Hey — Look at that all of that rain! they sure are in Seattle, aren’t they? Even though she really likes his hair (something about Russel Crowe), addison doesn’t wants him back — she’s here for work because “Richard” asked her to come. Of course, he didn’t give Dempsey a heads up, it makes better television that way.

Remember last season? Dr. Brash Young Guy has a bruise from when George tracked him down as Syphilis Epidemic Patient Zero and punched him in the face! BYG explains his non-violence by saying something about protecting his hand model quality digits.

Minutes later, Sandra Oh and Gorgeous George are at Ye Olde Drinking Hole with Meredith fighting about whose life sucks the hardest. Here, we learn that Sandra Oh’s pregnancy beats Meredith’s inappropriate boss boyfriend being married, which beats George’s syphilis. But none of them top the bartender, who dramatically touches his forehead and falls to the floor.


The Bartender doesn’t want to go to the doctor, but later insists on walking over to the hospital since it’s just across the street. Maybe it’s the Fun House? While they’re walking over, we get a pretty new flyover with superimposed fake fake rain to remind us that the show is set in “Seattle.” At the hospital, Sandra Oh expositions about her pregnancy, which is “soon to be ended” because she is not switching to the vagina squad. MG wants to know the identity of the baby daddy, but Oh’s not giving it up.

The writers are really pushing for people to call Patrick Dempsey Dr. McDreamy, but we’re not having it. Meredith’s crew is giving him the cold shoulder (literally), but once they find out that he’s doing a standstill operation on Joe’s brain!! The technique will be familiar to people who watched House last week.

The freeze and thaw operation doesn’t charm Grey who angrily bolts out of the hospital into the pouring rain, where George and his umbrella intervenes to designate himself her driver.

Inside, Addison Avenue is chatting up the big important patient that we forgot about from last season. Remember how the actual chief had a brain tumor? And as he was coming out of surgery he saw Dempsey and Seattle Grey making out? Yeah, we didn’t either. But he brought in The Wife as a business decision because she’s the best in the field. Because of this, Chief Wannabe #2 is now ACTING CHIEF. // We cut away to the musical stylings of Mike Doughty [mtv]//

When we return, Sandra Oh is playing with surgical tools and thinking about her abortion. Acting Chief Burke interrupts her by trying to make dinner plans since he has reservations at his favorite restaurant. It’s at this point that we’re meant to think about how funny it is that he got the job of temporary chief of surgery by being the wannabe not screwing with an intern. In any case, Oh wants nothing to do with a dinner date.

In the midst of the intern chatter, Bailey tells Meredith that she’s been requested. Hilariously enough, Grey finds the wannabe chiefs bickering in the hallway along with Addison. It was really great of Burke to make Meredith work with her lover’s wife.


Apparently Addison is sweeping in to save the day for a woman who’s having some sort of pregnancy-with-twins-related problem. Like many of the other surgeons, Addison Avenue is running a contest for the hospital’s most self aggrandizing surgeon. She should fit right in at Seattle Grace.

What episode would be complete without another wacky turn of events? Especially one involving George! He’s has been called in to be the NotChief’s spy / sponge, to keep an eye on everything that’s going on at the hospital while the NotChief recovers from brain surgery. Really, the Chief has an eye for choosing qualified candidates, doesn’t he? That’s why we love television!

The doctors explaining the standstill operation to Joe the Bartender and the home audience. The surgery involves freezing the patient, stopping his heart, fixing the aneurism, and bringing him back to the land of the living. Like many small business owners, Joe the Bartender doesn’t have health insurance or hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for the procedure. None of the doctors really seem to care about this pesky detail.

Back in the corridor of intern hangouts, BYG is soft of flirting with Dr. Model while she helps him to fix up his charts. Isn’t it a funny coincidence how how he doesn’t know his patients’ names and I refuse to remember his name?

After their standoff in the tool shed, Sandra Oh and the InterimChief meet-up for a little stairway smooch and squabble. She doesn’t know what she wants, he wants to kiss her. Story of their lives, right? Amazingly 00George is also in the stairwell to spy on their session.


Making his first report to the Chief, George continues his reputation for being a smooth operator and a bad liar revealing nothing about his observations. Meanwhile everyone’s favorite bartender wants to go to County Hospital so that he doesn’t lose the bar. BYG won’t hear any of it because the bar across the street is “an institution” of the sort that runs thousand dollar tabs. Where is this bar and how can I sign up? By the way, Joe the Bartender knows that Sandra Oh is pregnant. He reveals this just before the baby daddy walks in.

When we return to Meredith’s awkward subplot, we’re hit over the head with another hammer of coincidences. Her patient also had a husband who cheated on her! With a solid entry into the battle of worst days, this patient is also pregnant with potentially deformed twin babies. When the tests come back, Meredith calls in Addison. They whisk their patient off to surgery with about four seconds of explanation.

George looks at the babies to calm his spying nerves. Meredith joins him, and it’s clear that he’s still in love with her. With her calling Dempsey her ex-boyfriend and his syphilitic nurse mysteriously disappeared you’d think it would be a good time to make his move, right? Instead, after letting Grey know that she’s a “nice looking” evil mistress, he spills the beans about Sandra Oh and Burke. George, the smooth operator strikes again, prompting a confrontation between Oh and Grey. Of course, Emmy Nominated Sandra Oh doesn’t want to talk about it even though she told MG about being pregnant. Don’t worry, the cognitive dissonance will pass by the end of the hour.

It does seem the George makes a better doctor than spy or patient advocate. He tries (unsuccessfully) to convince NotChief to help Joe the Beloved Bartender. Although the surgery is likely to force the bartender into bankruptcy, the patient is being rushed into surgery. After all, everyone in the hospital is there to watch Joe’s temporary death. Even mean old Bailey has a good memory of Joe. BYG continues to hit on Dr. Model by showing that he’s a human who cares about a bartender.In the O.R., it’s time for the drama begin — there’s a big digital clock to count the minutes that Joe is in cold storage! While they’re icing him down, everyone tells their Joe stories. Patrick Dempsey tells InterimChief about how he went to Joe’s and ended up being taken advantage of by Meredith as his “initiation to Seattle” (Again — where is this bar and how do I sign up?).

George actually comes up with a good idea! He plans to submit Joes’s bills while he’s dead! Or something about donating Joe’s body to science to have the hospital cover the costs of the procedure. So genius and so obvious. If only he can convince the NotChief to sign off on his scheme . . .

Although there’s a bit of business where we’re forced to do the math to figure that the surgeons are almost out of time with the standstill surgery, it’s pretty clear that Joe will live to serve another shot. After all, Dempsey “is always sure” about fixing things. As he struts out of the theater, the InterimChief warms him up and restarts his heart. You really have to love this show’s use of metaphor.

Following the surgery, InterimChief and NotChief have a heart to heart about how they both are all about “putting the job first.” This is obviously why InterimChief was temporarily elevated from Chief Wannabe #2. This sets up more hilarity was Sandra Oh gushes to her baby daddy with post-surgery exhilaration. Seduced by his ability to bring Joe’s heart back from it’s icy depths, she is now ready to go out to dinner. However, it turns into a conversation of unspoken misunderstandings in which they think they’re on the same page. Wrong again! He’s ending the relationship before it gets “messy.” Oh, the LOLs. Interim Chief assures her that it’s nothing personal. This is strangely appropriate since Sandra Oh tries so hard not to have a personality.

In the final installment of the George the Spy show, he’s back with the brain undamaged temporarily Not Chief. George clumsily lets him know that he’s not dishing about all of lot of crazy nightmarish stuff happening. Because George says that those things don’t matter in the face of Joe’s Impending Bankruptcy. The Joe storyline is wrapped up nicely when the NotChief reveals that his heart isn’t made of stone, granting Joe a free brain surgery. This bit of scheming will earn George a hug from BYG in the closing montage.

Oh, the storyline about the pregnant cuckolded mother and her congenitally deformed babies isn’t over. The surgery turned out fine, but the mother wants adulterous Grey off the case. Here, Addison reveals that she’s the cheater, and that Meredith is the violated one. Strictly speaking, that doesn’t seem to be exactly true, but take that recovering mom! At the tailwagon trailer, Patrick Dempsey reveals his sad story to Meredith with the story of how his wife cheated on him. (Of course it’s raining during the story and Dempsey is the type to de-label his beer.) Although he usually knows what’s going to happen, he was surprised to find that not only was Addison cheating on him, but that she was sleeping with his best friend. Now there’s a story to explain a move to Seattle!

You’d think that hearing that she was not the rebound girl, but was the girl who saved him by being like “coming up for fresh air” would be romantic enough to soften up Meredith. But you’d be wrong. She takes off in her truck, leaving sad Dempsey in the rain. She heads straight to the bar to catch up with Sandra Oh. There, Meredith learns that Oh listed her as the emergency contact at the abortion clinic (not that she’ll actually have the abortion, this is television after all). This is why she told Meredith about the pregnancy, and why she allows herself to look a little sad about being dumped and accepts a half hug as the episode ends.

The closing voice over reminds us that the more you think like a surgeon the more you become one. That the better you are at remaining neutral, the harder it becomes to turn it off and remember what it means to think like a human being. There’s your moral. The End, with hardly anything about Seattle except for that dreadful torrential rain!

Next week [mb]

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC on Sunday nights at 10 pm [#]

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  1. Kelly (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 6:11 am

    but that she was sleeping with his best friend
    Lifted straight from “Bridget Jones”, eh?

    Sadly, I had to miss Grey’s last night, but a friend gave me a pretty detailed play by play. The woes of getting this place ready for Weds…

  2. josh (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 9:26 am

    more detailed than this? you’re making me feel like I’m not trying hard enough!

  3. Rachael (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 12:16 pm

    “breath of fresh air” and “you saved me” are just euphemisms for rebound girl ;)

  4. josh (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 12:46 pm

    rachel — I think you’re right. Clearly Meredith saw through the happy ending romantic verbage to the truth of the matter. If only this were the end of the bizarre love triangle.

  5. Kelly (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 1:37 pm

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