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Has anyone seen my pet Fluffy?

Lizard on the Loose…

What I think is hilarious, is that the police actually want you to call and report if this is your pet…and it is indeed missing. Wouldn’t you notice if a large lizard from Latin America that you owned was missing…just a little sooner than it takes to make the news?

South Lake DisUnion

Spotted across the street from the REI flagship store, this guerilla political sticker shows that all is not well in a Seattle-land where Mayor Greg Nickels so far has no challengers for a second term. To the right you can see an orange crane, the official bird of the quickly changing South Lake Union neighborhood, pushed by Mayor Greg and his best bud, Paul “Blue Badge #2” Allen, the mind-melding head of the Vulcan real estate empire.

(And you have to admit, they used the WORST picture of the mayor they could possibly find. Ech. Reminds me of the fish on sale at Pike Place Market.)


Things you learn in the laundromat

So the other day I did a bazillion loads of laundry at the Laundro-mat on Brooklyn in the U-district (over by the Rite-Aid). Its nice that they validate parking for 2 hours so you don’t have to drag your laundry over there in a rolling suitcase. I did however, lose my favorite sweater to one of their old school washers…it was eaten up beyond belief…I couldn’t even make legwarmers out of the remainder. Oh well, wash at your own risk!!! [Side note for you techno junkies — free WiFi!]

*********** The important part of this post ***********

So you vegetable lovers would like to know, I was reading the posters while doing my laundry and noticed that on March 12-13 at the Seattle Center (for only 5 dollars kiddos!), the Washington Vegetarians are putting on Vegfest 2005!!! There are going to be tons of vendors handing out samples, cooking lessons, and lectures galore. It should be a fun time for vegheads and carnivores alike.

Broadway Coffee Shop Crawl Detour: Victrola Coffee and Art

The metroblogging mind is willing, but the caffeine-seeking flesh is weak. Yes, I’m supposed to be working my way down Broadway, one coffee shop at a time. But the next scheduled stop was the Starbucks in the new QFC (le grand sigh) and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

don’t say I never tell you anything

Twenty-five for $25 is back starting next week. This link will give you all the details and restrictions, but basically 25 decent-to-good restaurants offer you a 3-course dinner for $25 and a 3-course lunch for $12.50. I think that’s pretty swell of them to keep doing this year after year, as it’s a good way for me to get a sense of the “whole menu” (appetizer, main course, dessert) without compromising my health. And everyone should give the Third Floor Fish Cafe (Kirkland) a big welcome, as the website notes that they are a newcomer.

Oh, great. Now I’m hungry. Oh well, just gotta cinch in the belt until Tuesday.

Where all the good little boys and girls will be….

A night of sex, violence, and bad girls!


I think I need to change the station

So, I’m at home sick today and I’ve been spending the day lounging about and listening to KIRO 710 AM and just as I’m hitting “save” to post my last entry, I realize that what I’m listening to in the background is host Dori Munson excoriating Dwight Pelz over what Munson sees as the failure of the Sounder.

That’s almost as odd as listening to the news of the Pope’s tracheotomy while I was gasping for air after a coughing fit.

well, it’s as good a reason to vote for someone as their hairstyle, I suppose

We all know that catalog companies sell their mailing lists, but the prime sellers of lists have got to be political groups. Whenever I get a political solicitation (besides those sent to all residents in a particular zip code), it amuses me to try and guess which list I’m on, especially when I get e-mails like the one from the Dwight Pelz campaign which addresses me as a “Democratic Activist”. While I’m all about democracy, I’m not much of an activist, really, and I’m definitely not a Democrat. (I’m not a member of any political party, I’m a true independent.)

Since I get a lot of these sorts of e-mails, I’m used to the usual pet phrases used to describe the candidates. That’s why this paragraph really stood out (emphasis mixed, bold theirs, italics mine):

Dwight is a true political progressive, and a fighter on the issues we care about. He combines an ardent progressive view of the world with his practical work as a local elected official. Whether he is opposing the war on Iraq, attacking Bush’s proposal to privatize Social Security, or advocating for mass transit on the Sound Transit Board, he combines intellect, passion, and a sense of humor to communicate and lead in Seattle.

metro faces the harsh light of day

Starting in June, Metro will start preparing us for the eventual (temporary) shut down of the bus tunnel to accommodate the construction for Sound Transit’s Light Rail project. The underground passageways will no longer be used for Saturday bus traffic:

The closures should give riders, as well as officials with Metro Transit and Sound Transit, an early glimpse of how public transit downtown will be impacted. The June closure will allow tunnel contractors to do early work sawing concrete before the roadway is lowered for installation of the rail . . . could affect fans headed to Mariner games at Safeco Field.[seattletimes]

We’re just sad to think about the classiest part of Seattle’s mass transit system being shut down for two full years. The article includes a list of suggested coping mechanisms to alleviate the increase in street-traffic, but people looking to get their below street level fix will probably need to resort to repeat visits to the underground tour.

(via Joe [lj])

P.I. Copy Editor Watch

In today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer, University of Washington president Mark Emmert wrote a guest column advocating changes in I-200:

Removing the restrictions of I-200 would give us an additional tool: the ability, once more, to consider race and ethnicity in shaping our undergraduate, graduate and professional student bodies. [p-i]

Instead of the correct title (“Changing Initiative 200 is a worthy cause”), the print edition of the paper uses the headline “Everyone Benefits from I-200.” Get your collector editions while they’re hot and sell them on eBay next week!

Maybe they’re really hurting under the J.O.A. and can’t afford enough headline editors? Or perhaps the P-I should’ve stuck to being the afternoon paper. We’re sympathetic — early morning deadlines are tough on all of us.

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