Winter Wonderland? Only in Seattle

My wife, Goddess that she is, let me sleep in this morning. With snow on the ground, there was no way we were journeying from Redmond to our Unitarian Universalist church in Bellevue; that short trip involves taking the Lake Hills Connector, which is a fright-fest even in decent weather. Since I didn’t pass out until 2am the previous night, I welcomed the snooze.

My kids burst in a mere hour later. “Daddy, there’s SNOW!” my daughter Neve proclaimed. “Look outside – it’s a winter wonderland!”

I rubbed my eyes and pushed aside the blinds. An inch on the ground, perhaps two on the car. This was the Great Seattle Snowstorm of 2005? Didn’t this child remember when she was two and we lived in upstate New York? Had her little brain forgotten the three-day blizzard of 1999 that left us buried under 44 inches? That was a snow worth waking your father up for! This? This would probably melt before our hash browned.

But it clung to life for a few more hours. Not wanting to be a Snow Scrooge, I helped the wife suit everyone up so we could head out and pelt one another in the butts with mushy snowballs. After 30 minutes, I took our baby back inside while my wife helped the kids with their final winter’s day mission: building a sad, doomed “snow fairy”. Look at the poor thing; you can see the pall of Death in her button eyes.


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