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signs around Bellevue

Good to know.

K-rock, the local radio station for those who just can’t leave the angsty early 90s behind (to be fair, I do actually like the station as long as I don’t have to listen to it all the time) presents a night of veritable Seattle Rock History in the Flesh, in the form of:

Jerry Cantrell playing with his former bandmates Sean Kinney and Mike Inez for the first time since 1996, Krist Novoselic, Ann Wilson , Six Mix-a-lot, Chris DeGarmo and “members of Children of the Revolution” playing one night only, Friday, February 18th* at the Premier Club in Seattle.

Tickets are $40 pre-sale, $50 at the door and will probably sell out before my broke self can scrape up the funds but don’t let the sound of my heart breaking deter you from getting your tickets when they go on sale this Thursday, February 3 at 10 am at the station’s website,

There’s no way this can be anything other than a great, great show.

*Look, ma, I actually posted the event date on the FIRST try.

Broadway Coffee Shop Crawl: 4. Extaz Espresso

From the outside, Extaz Espresso is nothing special — just another coffee bar wedged into one corner of the Broadway Market (401 Broadway Avenue E, to your left as you enter at the corner of Broadway and Republican). It

More poo news

You know it’s a slow news day when Komo 4 News has Rocky Spencer, Wildlife Biologist, ON TV, playing in bear poo and sniffing it. I mean, really.

Best quote of the clip: where Rocky says, “I’d say there’s probably about a… 65, 70 percent chance that it is [bear poo].”

Waitaminute. You mean, you did a whole news report on a piece of poo, and your FOREMOST BEAR-TRACKER (in the state) isn’t even 100 percent on the bear-ness of the poo?

I feel like calling Comcast up and demanding my money back. I don’t want to pay for THAT channel anymore.

we want you!

Metblog readers — have you been reading the site and thinking that something was missing? Maybe that something is you!

Perhaps you think you can put the rest of us to shame or you just want to be a part of the shenanigans at our gin-drenched editorial meetings. If you’ve always wanted to give this ‘blogging thing a try (we hear it’s trendy) or if you’re an experienced ‘blogger looking to get into the metblogs scene, this is your big chance!

Don’t just sit there, click your way over to the application [metroblogging] and tell us why you should be the newest member of the Seattle Metroblogging team.

department of lost pets

mr wonderfull

Originally uploaded by joshc.

While we don’t have any furry friends cohabiting in our apartment (a combination of a pet-unfriendly landlord and commitment issues), we’d always considered ourselves a dog person. Still, this “lost cat” flyer, for Mr. Wonderfull melted our cynical little hearts. [Ed: Just how far can you take the editorial we? — All the way to the bank!]

So, if you see an asthsmatic cat wandering around town in desperate need of an aloha shirt and a plane ticket to Hawaii, please give his temporary caretakers a call.

department of newsprint-smudged fingers

stranger: 27 january 2005

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In this, the latest installation of Local Newspaper Watch, we highlight two case studies in journalism excellence:

  1. We begin with the UW Daily which leads with this shocking headline, “Alternative sexuality in Greek life often kept in closet” [#].
    Go figure.
  2. In the much anticipated follow-up to Stranger Sellout Watch, this week’s issue is dedicated to the narcissism of Seattle’s own Ben Exworthy [thestranger]. By the close of the fundraiser, he’d spent $12,000 to buy all of the editorial content on the auction block. As a tribute to his eBay ambition, or perhaps as a way of giving the staff a little time off, the editors turned much of the paper over to him. I wonder if it feesl like that scene in Being John Malkovich when Malkovich goes through the little door on the 7 1/2 floor.
  3. There is no item three. We really don’t have that much time to read newspapers.

starbucks density watch

On his weblog, Jason Kottke picked up on the idea of finding addresses with maximum “Starbucks Density” and hundreds of commenters report on the number of stores in their neighborhood. [kottke] It’s fun to see people trying to establish café credibility and sort of upsetting to find that Seattle’s not especially competitive in the stores in a five-mile-radius category (e.g. 87 stores in my area vs. 169 in downtown Manhattan).

However, we are still blessed in the stores per caffeinated person department with one for every 13,340 people [columbia news service]. Breathe a sigh of relief folks, we’re not completely washed-up in the coffee universe.

Calculate your MSD using the Starbucks Retail Store Locator Device [starbucks]

I just want to briefly go on record as saying that I love this city. I mean seriously, where else can you have Yellow Tail Records, Suicide Squeeze Records, and Sub Pop…all in one location? Not to mention that little label named LuckyHorse. All the beautiful music. Tons of great shows going on in our fair city in the up and coming weeks. I recommend you check out Bright Eyes, Louis XIV, Hot Hot Heat, Keller Williams, and the Matches just to name a few. (Does anyone know why they changed Graceland to El Corazon?)

[Excuse my lack of post lately folks, I forgot who I was (ie username) for just a brief moment.]

campus adwatch: UW Daily

the new trend

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This ad, from today’s issue of the Daily, seemed especially poorly targeted. Attempting to recruit undergrads into military service with the oh-so-catchy tagline “Camo is the new trend!” it features a not-exactly-happy looking woman wearing local recruiter Captian Schossow’s idea of a stylish cap.

Without getting too much into our feelings about the current military-industrial complex and its application to world affairs, let’s just say that we can’t imagine this promotion not falling flat. While we might be disappointed by how the embarrasingly bad slogan ignores the seriousness of the work performed by our armed forces, we’re mostly just surprised that the ad wizards at the USMC couldn’t come up with anything more compelling in this era of troop shortages.

Anyway, what ever happened to the beret? We thought that it was the up-and-coming style of military headwear.

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