tsunami relief

I have been thinking about the tsunami that occurred last Sunday, and how modern society will remember this event. This is the type of event that accounts for all the creation and flood stories seen throughout every culture. As technical people, we have a concept of what is occuring, and can explain that a tsunami is created when an uplift, vertical movement, occurs between two plates. We understand that these events are normal geological processes of our planet, and not the works of vengeful gods.

This understanding does not stop the need for help and money in these areas. While I don’t have much money to give or the ability to fly to these ravaged parts of the world I do have the ability to help generate donations via the web.

“How can you do that?” you ask.

Well, after being one to eat bad things, take pictures of them, but never post them… and seeing Steve, Don’t Eat It (via kristyk) I have decided to test out odd things from the asian and russian grocery stores. I will be going to visit the stores later tonight, picking up items that no sane human would eat, and then eat them right in front of you.

Okay, you said what you are doing, now why are you doing it?

I will be eating these things, and posting them, until I see that my reader’s have donated a total of $500.00 to the tsunami relief effort.

Please, go to the following link: http://www.google.com/tsunami_relief.html
Select your favorite organization, donate your desired amount, and then send an email to mikeycofer@gmail.com telling me how much you donated. I will update the total as people donate.

Why not just do money collection through paypal?

Paypal would be taking a cut both ways, and I want you to have the choice of where you donate. I’m trusting you to donate what you tell me.

Does this sound like a good idea? Will you help?

I’m taking request for items you would like me to eat until the end of the day.

Posts and photos will be at thenyoudiscover.com

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