Tastes like birthday

I’m going to digress immediately, to show you guys the pendant my friend gave me for my birthday, made by Anna Sim (actual pendant about 1 inch long). We were wandering around Northgate Mall, which is not a place I usually go to due to the whole “getting across the 520 bridge” thing that I hate to do. I saw a store called Silverworks, which I found out later is actually related to the Silverworks CART that has been at the mall for a long time. Anyway, the Silverworks STORE has only been at the mall since about May. They rock (the cart probably also rocked, but I never stop at those carts). There are a lot of pretty things that I’ve not seen anywhere else, and apparently the people who own the store go on buying trips all over the place so that’s probably why their stuff is a bit more unique than the usual. If you do go there, ask to see their silver pendants with the inset feathers. Yes, I said FEATHERS. They only had 3 or 4 left when I was there, and these things are definitely a conversation piece.

Back to the topic at hand: today’s my birthday, and as usual I had to stop at Wibbley’s for my birthday shake. Yes, I know it’s about zero degrees outside and bitterly cold, and for more reasons than one I really wish my birthday was in July, but damnit, Wibbley’s gives you a free shake for your birthday, and I am going to drink that shake because it’s free. And it’s tasty.

My husband gazed at me fondly from across the table as I tried my hardest to suck my shake container inside-out. “Does it taste like birthday?” he quipped.

It sure does.

If anyone knows of other stores giving out freebies for the birthday crowd, please announce it in the comments. I’ve got a birthday coming up next year too, and I want to accumulate a whole free meal. PS don’t tell me about the Nara Grill free dessert: it was only ice cream and really not worth sitting through the meal for.

And you people who are heading over to Wibbley’s to get YOUR free shake: please observe the freebie-etiquette and don’t just demand a free shake and run off. BUY something to eat, and then wash it down with the free shake.

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  1. Steve (unregistered) on January 7th, 2006 @ 10:01 am

    Check out Ray’s Boathouse. Last time I checked if you go at noon on your birthday, free meal. My B-day is today and I’ll check it out.


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